Sunday, July 25, 2010

I figured, why not?

So this is my official very FIRST blog! I have quite a few friends from facebook, who are bloggers, and I really enjoy reading their stories! So today I figured, Why not? I have a million stories to share, thousands of stepping stones to cover, and hundreds of smiles captured to share with everyone! To start, I am going to use this blog to introduce my family and characters you will be reading about!

Starting with ME!

My name is Megan. I grew up in Lawrenceville, Ga, AND is still here! I am a mother to four beautiful girls. Abigail, Aaliyah, Maggie and Madison.

I have been a stay home mom for the last year. While pregnant with Maggie and Madison I was put on bed rest for 2 months. I quit working at that time and have been home since. Before I was a bartender. I chose to quit corporate world after I had my 2nd daughter. I realized that working 40+ hours a week was great money, but it wasn't worth a penny after paying half my check to child care and missing everything that was going on in my kids lives. So I started waiting tables on the weekend at TGIFridays. After being there for a few months, I was promoted to bartender. They taught me everything I needed to know and set me loose! After working there for a year, I decided to go some place with potential of making more money. Thus ending up at Sweetwater. I was there 3 years, until getting pregnant. To this day I still miss that place, sometimes! Bartending worked out great for me, being a mother. I only worked Fri, Sat and Sundays. In those 3 days I made the same amount of money I did working 9-5 Mon- Fri! I got to be home with my girls all week!

(Going to touch in this subject briefly- as I do not want to put myself in a bad mood!)

Abigail and Aaliyah are both from my very first relationship in life. I was with their father from age 15-20! Abby was born when I was 18, Aaliyah at 20. Long story short, relationships that start that young are hard to keep strong when the both of you mature completely differently.

Once we called it quits, Abby and Lele continued living with me, and are now happier than could ever describe in words! That happiness comes from a great source. His name is Michael.

I met Michael a little over 3 years ago. His cousins were regulars of mine at Sweetwater. After some cat and mouse type chasing, we ended up together. We have been living together now for a year and a half. We have every intention of getting married, it's just not something we want to rush to do because it's "the right thing to do" or because anyone else thinks we should. We have a commitment to each other, and a relationship that is identical to a marriage, we just don't have a legal document stating it, and my name hasn't changed. But it will. Soon =o)

Abigail was 5 and Aaliyah was 3 when we moved in this house. April 3rd, 2009! That date I will never forget, b/c it was also the SAME day I found out I was pregnant! A little over a week later, found out it was twins! Maggie and Madison were our little blessings brought to us on October 6th, 2009. They were delivered via c-section (which was my worst experience in my life!!)

weighing in at 5lbs, Maggie and 4lb 12oz, Madison! They both were in the NICU for a week. No problems, just monitoring their eating habits. Madison got to come home 1 day earlier than Maggie. Having them both home was amazing and very exciting for everyone in the house! Abigail became a big sister for 2 more times, and Aaliyah finally became a big sister to someone, 2 of them! The twins were amazing babies, the best I could have asked for. No fussiness, slept all the time, just as sweet and cuddly as you could imagine!

As of today Maggie and Madison are 9 months and 19 days old! And huge! Maggie is 17.5lbs and 27.75 inch long, Madison is 18.4lbs and 27.25 inch long!! They are eating finger foods, sitting up, rolling, attempting to crawl, and muttering Mama, Dada, Nana, and Baba all day long!! B/c they were preemie, they are expected to be about a month behind developmentally, until they are about a year old. So it is normal for them to just now be starting to crawl. I am completely OK with that!! The longer they take in becoming mobile, the better!!

Abigail Monique is my first born! March 12th, 2003. She is now 7 and going to the 2nd grade!! I can't believe it! I remember being pregnant with her! She is very energized, opinionated typical 7 yr old girly girl! She loves music, and dancing! We just signed her up to be a Black Knights cheerleader!! Her first practice is actually tomorrow night!! I am very excited, for one, she has wanted to do this for a long time! And two, growing up I always wanted to cheer, but my parents could never never afford it. I want her to be able to do things she wants, and meet friends that will remain life long!

Aaliyah was my 2nd born. June 23rd, 2005. She is now 5 and is going to kindergarten. She is my tough girl. She tends to be more shy than Abby, but once warmed up she can talk your ear off!! Last year she was in pre-k, which was a hard transition. She had previously been with mommy every day! But she handled it well, and is so excited to go to 'big' school with Abigail. She too is a girly girl. Loves dressing up and playing pretend! And she LOVES being a big sister. She hasn't quite found an interesting activity to be involved in. But I am sure she will want to follow in the path of her sister, cheering!

Michael is definitely one of a kind. He is hard to describe. lol. He had no children when I met him, and has never been married yet either. Once we became serious, he gained 2 stepkids who he treats and loves as his own. And shortly after got 2 baby girls of his own! He is our glue. He holds it all together. He currently works night shift, and is usually VERY tired. But he still makes time to spend with the kids. He is a pool shark, if he isn't working, or isn' home, you can bet he is playing pool! Luckily he is very good at it.

I just recently got hired at a Bistro opening in The Avenue. I will be getting back to work slowly, but instead of working weekends, I will be bartending daytime Mon-Fri while kids are in school and Michael is home with babies. Hopefully it will all work out the way I think it will.

We are hoping to buy a house of our very own within the next year or two. Where abouts we aren't sure, but I guarantee you my address the rest of my life WILL NOT be- Lawrenceville!


  1. welcome to the blogging world! LOVED reading your background story as I didn't know it! totally jealous of you having 4 girly-girls. I need a girl but can totally see myself being that woman stuck with 4 crazy boys haha!!!

  2. LOL Yeah it is funny, b/c every single time I was pregnant, I wanted a boy!! I guess I jinxed myself! I would change it for the world now. Girls are fun. But I still dream of all the "what ifs" if I had a boy what would he have been like? lol Too late to think about that though!

  3. Welcome Megan! I love looking at pictures of your beautiful girls and hearing about them on Facebook so I am so excited you are going to blog about them not! Can't wait to hear more!

  4. Yay! I love it! I was just thinking that you needed to start a blog. I loved reading your history. You've got to update us on why the c-section was so bad. All 4 girls are soooooo cute!

  5. Thanks for those...sometimes it's hard go keep up with everyone on Facebook. Once 10 people update their status the people you're really interested in checking on are waaaaaaay down the page. Ok long story short thanks for starting this up I look forward to following you :)