Monday, July 26, 2010

M & M- this time last year.....

(Thank you Liz for idea!)

This time last year I was 26 weeks pregnant with Maggie and Madison. So far I had gained 19lbs, craving pizza, steak and soft pretzels! Both babies were approx 2 lbs each. Maggie was laying sideways in my lower belly, and Madison had her head stuck in my ribs (this continued the remainder of the pregnancy). This was also the time that pretty much changed my life! Just as school was going back for big girls, I was placed on 'strict' bed rest. I literally had to sign a contract stating I would follow guidelines to ensure the health of my babies. My cervix had starting to shrink, which put me at risk for dilating. I had to lay down 24-7! I was only allowed up on my feet for 15 minutes, every 2 hours. Already being a mother to 6 and 4 yr old at the time, this was one of the most difficult moments in my life. Michael had to cook, do laundry, and still work all night. My mother (my angel!) came over and cleaned my house for me once a week, AND took Aaliyah to school everyday. Michael had to wake up earlier than normal to go pick Aaliyah up from school, my sister had to come get Abby off the bus for me. I had to use my 15 min breaks to bathe the girls at night, and to do their hair in the mornings. Luckily they were old enough to dress themselves, and brush their own teeth! This continued for the next 3 months.. UNTIL....

My next regular checkup was 10/6/09, at 4pm. The morning of the appt I felt real crappy. Wasn't sure if I was having small contractions, or if my body was just feeling the stress of being pregnant, all I knew was it didn't feel so good!! Anyway- my doc appt was at the same time Michael had to go to work, so he could not be there with me. I ended up leaving Abby with my sister and taking Aaliyah along with me!
When I arrived at doc office, he was visiting a patient and I had to wait till almost 5 before being seen. Which was torture. I seriously was starting to feel worse and worse every minute.
Once I got back to the exam room, the Doc comes in and of course asked how I was feeling. I basically told him I felt like crap. Everything was starting to get sore, and I was having some back cramps. So he starts checking me. Gets real quiet. Sits ups, takes his gloves off and says, "when did these cramps start?" I told him I didn't know I just felt ill all day and I noticed the back pain while in the waiting room. He then says " Well, you are 7 cm dilated, and I need to get you over to the hospital ASAP before your water breaks!" (ME- freaking out!! I knew I was going to have to have c-section, b/c both babies were breech, which is why he didn't want my water to break on its own)
I frantically call Michael to turn around and come to hospital, my mother to leave work immediately, my sister to come and get Aaliyah, and anyone else I could think of that needed to be there!!
By the time I got checked into the hospital and taken back it was about 6:30pm. They hooked me up to everything, checked blood pressure, the whole 9 yards. All the time all I could think was "Thank God I shaved my legs!" lol Then the nurse comes in and i ask her, "Do you know when I will be having c-section?" She replies, "In 45 minutes".

At this time I felt excited, scared, and extremely nervous. But I tired to hide all that and just smile, as I usually do!
Then it was time! They made Michael wait to come in, as they wheeled me in! I had to lean over table for the epidural. It wasn't too bad, until he told me he hit a vessel and had to take it out and do it again. Really?? I am in a little gown, FREEZING, nervous, and scared, and you tell me you have to stick a needle up my back a 2nd time??
Once it got in, I could feel the panic start building up. I had had an epidural twice before, for the vaginal births of my two oldest girls. But this was different! I didn't like that I couldn't feel my toes, they had me positioned like Jesus on the cross, holding my arms out. I was begging the whole time for Michael. They finally sent him in to me. Once I saw him the tears began. lol. He was on my left side holding my arm. I begged him the whole time to let go of my arms, I tried to move my feet, I wanted to move, I couldn't stand being held down. I was crying, I could feel pressure from the doctor. I was horrified.
Next thing I know- i wake up in a white room. I look around and see a nurse, I ask her where the hell I am, and where is everybody?? (I thought I was dead) lol. She informs me that I had a panic attack and they had to knock me out. The babies were delivered fine and were taken down to NICU for observation, my family was with them. The whole time I am thinking (why am I here ALONE??) Then the stupid lady asked me " Do you want to see the babies? " What kind of stupid question was that??? Of course!
So they wheeled me down to see the little LITTLE girls!!

They were so little and yet so beautiful!! I was wishing Abigail and Aaliyah could have been there to see them! Unfortunately it was flu season, so they weren't even allowed in the building. =o( I didn't see my big girls for 4 days!!
The babies spent the next week in the NICU. They were 100% healthy, they just had to be eating a certain amount before they could go home. Madison was the little piglet! She got to come home with me that Sat, 10/10/09. It was hard only taking one home, BUT I knew Maggie was strong and would be home soon! Michael went back to the hospital twice a day to feed her, and then the morning of 10/12/09 they called us to come pick her up!

Having them both home was more than exciting! They were such angels! Abigail and Aaliyah just loved to stare at them! and hold them of course! At that point of my life- looking at my 4 beautiful daughters, and realizing what we went through to get everyone into this world healthy, and everyone home together.. I don't ever remember being SO happy.

And that happiness is still glowing inside me today. Almost a year later! Everyone is still healthy and happy!!

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  1. You were and still are the prettiest mommy of twins. It was like God meant for you to carry two....I remember the pics you used to post as time went by and you got prettier the further the pregnancy. My mom was on bed rest for 3mos while preggo with me so she can sympathize!