Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i can't keep up with me!!

(New family picture!!)

It's been like 2 months! I can't seem to keep up with my life, let alone my blog!

So this will probably end up being another "catch up" blog. Promise next one will be about something interesting, and specific!

Let's see where to begin.
M & M turned 1 on October 6th!! I can still not believe my little babies are ONE already!! Seems like they were just born! Time flies by TOOO fast!

Michael's mother came down for the week of their birthday, and for birthday party. Which was nice! She is alot of help to me around the house, and she keeps kids so I can run errands! Which was even more wonderful seeing that I had lots of birthday party shopping to do! Plus I get along quite well with her =o)

Birthday party was a success! I did a M&M themed bbq in the park! We rented a pavilion in Bay Creek Park, right beside a huge playground! Weather was beautiful, babies were happy and food was great! My dear friend, Cyndi, who is an excellent photographer came and did pictures for me. Which BTW anyone who has children and feels like they never get to enjoy special events b/c they are always trying to get pictures of it all, a photographer is the way to go! I was SO relieved! I got to enjoy talking to family and being part of the party, instead of trying to snap a picture every 5 seconds!!

We took babies to get their ears pierced on their birthday! I know kind of bitter sweet for them! Pain on their birthday! But they look super cute now with pink ice studs in! It did almost break my heart watching them scream while dad held them! But I think I did ok. Them on the other hand... not so happy!

SO twins update!!- Maggie is currently 20.3lbs, and 30 1/4 inches long! She has 4 full in teeth, 2 on top, 2 on the bottom! And is everywhere! She is standing up on her own, and climbing! She can walk with her walker, but hasn't attempted any first steps yet. Which is OK with me!! The longer they wait to walk, they more prepared I can get!

Madison is 20.12lbs, and 29 1/4 inch long! (funny she is a few oz more than big sis, yet 1 inch shorter!) She also has 4 teeth fully in, but all on the top. She has one bottom tooth working its way in, but taking its time! She too is everywhere and into everything. No climbing for her, she is the more scared one. She stands up, but is scared to fall down. No steps for her either. Again fine by me!! She has a new obsession with trying to pull your nose and lips off. NO FUN.

(at 1 yr old check up, waiting to get shots!)

They are getting used to the word "NO". Maggie listens quite well, Madison, not so much! lol she laughs and keeps on. Lot of work for mom and dad teaching these basics in the next few months!

OH AND so much for plastic plugs to block outlets. First thing babies do when on the floor playing is head to every outlet in the room and pull them out! Then they play with them as if they are their toys. Shouldn't those things NOT be that easy to pull out for a baby? Geeez!

As you can tell my days are pretty much filled with:

"Maggie no"

"Madison don't pull sisters hair"

"girls those arent toys"

"no mam, not nice"

"get down"

"come here"


"patty cake patty cake"

"this little piggy went here, and that little piggy went there"

Oh the joy of having two! It is SO much fun, and I wouldn't change it for the world. It just requires a little extra patience from mommy, and a few advil too! (for me not babies!)

Big girls are doing excellent too!

Abigail is continuing her cheerleading. She recently had her cheer off. Which was a little disastrous! Just about every girls on her squad are in their 1st year. So none have participated in a cheer off before, and quite frankly had no idea what was going on! They tried their best and once they got going, hey did GREAT, and looked cute as a button too! BUT the mat they do the routine on has a bunch of white lines. To start, the girl in the front of line was told to go to the FIRST line. Well she went all the way to the front on the mat. They were supposed to be in the back of the mat to start routine, SO needless to say they were all confused and the routine got a little out of order in the beginning. They didn't place, but it was a learning experience for next year!

The football team made playoffs, so MORE cheerleading through November!

Aaliyah has had so much attending football games and practices, she has already decided she wants to cheer next year too! So I will have a 1st grader and 3rd grader on 2 different squads. Meaning two different practices, two different games, and so on and so on, not to mention twins almost 2 yrs old. LOL Next year is going to be so much fun (*wink*wink*)

Both girls are doing very well in school! Progress reports just came in the past week. All A's and a couple B's! Good enough for me!

This past weekend we went to the pumpkin patch! And next weekend we have 2 fall festivals to attend! Plus Halloween!! Twins are going to be lions, Aaliyah is going to be an Angel, and Abigail a rockstar!! Pictures will be posted!!

I am doing well too! Still working at Gary's Bistro part time. It is going very well! I enjoy the few hours out of the house, and making some extra money. Holiday shopping is just around the corner too! I am very much looking forward to that! Girls are getting older, and will be getting some big girls electronics from Santa! I can't wait!!

SO until next time, Happy FALLing leaves to you all!

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