Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween FUN!

This past weekend was excellent!!
It started Saturday. We had a football game @noon in Dacula. Poor Black Knights got beat by ONE point. Therefore, NO more football =o( Actually who am I kidding :) :) :) :) I am SO looking forward to having my Saturdays free!! it's been rough getting up early and getting 6 people ready EVERY Saturday morning for the last 3 months! Even though I am happy about it, it was still sad knowing that was the last game for this year, UNTIL next year! (When I will have TWO cheerleaders, and TWO football games every Saturday, and TWO TWO year olds!! WOO HOOooo)<-total sarcasm on that one BTW!

SO ANYWAY- After the game I took girls to the Fall Festival in downtown Lawrenceville. Michael took the babies home for a nap. I knew they would be TOO sleepy to skip naptime! Plus there isn't a whole lot to do for babies who can't walk!

Yeah it was a total rip off, and a waste of 20 minutes to walk around it. Actually not a TOTAL waste, I got some coupons and FREE samples. But as far as the kids go, nothing fun to do but jump in jumpy house for 10 mins. SO we ditched it, and drove a little further down the road to The Avenues festival. Much better!! They had a marshmellow roasting station, face painting (which we didn't get to do),pony rides, necklace making, digging for gold, ringing a rope over horse head, balloon making, lots of candy, GOOD coupons and MORE! The girls enjoyed it MUCH better than the 1st stop. Plus we stopped by Gary's Bistro (my job) and said hello to a few folks! It was a success!

Saturday night we were thinking about taking the girls to go trick or treating at the mall, but then I decided they will get plent on Halloween night, and I would rather stay home and get some stuff done. We ended up grilling out som bbq chicken legs, frying some wings, made homemade mac&chs, and green beans!! It was nice making a big dinner for everyone! Since I have been working during the week, and Michael goes to work soon after I get off, it has been a while that we have all been home for a big dinner together! I highly enjoyed the time with family!I love these guys!! Well my one guy and four gals!

SO HALLOWEEN was Sunday! The girls were so excited all day, they painted their baby pumpkins, again, then decided to carve them, and ended up just ripping them open and playing with the guts! Mean while I made a big brunch, pumpkin pancakes! I cut the butter into triangle shapes for the eyes,and used syrup for the mouth! They were super cute and delish, and NO didn't take a picture!! (crap!) Didn't think about it at the time =o(

Unfortunately Michael had to work Sunday night, so he couldn't do halloween fun with us, but he was there in spirit! And I got lots of pics for him!! We started getting into gear about 6pm. Abigail was a punk rockstar! Aaliyah was an Angel! Maggie and Madison were baby lions!!

I got a GREAT deal on costumes. Babies lions costumes came from Sam's, for $9. Aaliyah's angel costume came from Ebay $2 + $5 ship= $7! And Abby put together her costume with her clothes she already had. I bought her red/glitter haispray, black lipstick and black nail polish, and red gloves=$8! SCORE. =o) Kids were VERY happy with their costumes, so Mommy was too!

I couldn't believe how awesome kids did! Babies sat quetly in their stroller the WHOLE time! Never moved, cried or nothing! lol I thought they were going to fall asleep, but didn't. They were just trying to figure out what the heck was going on! Big girls were awesome too! No one got lost, no one fell and got hurt, everyone got TONS of candy!

Total the night was WIN WIN WIN!!

So NOW that Halloween is over, next up MY BIRTHDAY! November 8th! 1 week and counting! Then Thanksgiving (going to North Carolina to be with Michael's family!) and then Christmas!

I am actually Christmas shopping for the first time tomorrow! Woo Hoo!!

Hope everyone else had a AWESOME weekend like we did! Family time is the best time!

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  1. They all look adorable, but I LOVE the baby lion costumes. I wish I could have found great deals like that.