Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Day!

This year was the most relaxing Thanksgiving I have had in a while!
Michael and I originally were planning on going to North Carolina to spend T-day with his family. But everyone ended up not in NC, so we decided to stay home as well. Typically I have ALWAYS had Thanksgiving dinner at my moms house, THEN we go over to the older girls Grandparents house, THEN to the tree lighting, and THEN home. And quite frankly the thought of doing all of that running around, packing up pack-n-play, high chairs, baby's food, clothes and the other half of the house I have to take with me when we go anywhere, made me exhausted, before it even happened!
So we decided this year we were going to stay home all day, and I was going to cook my very first Thanksgiving dinner all by myself!
As you probably remember, I was very nervous about everything coming together correctly. I had a busy week before hand, and didn't feel very prepared.
Well as usual, all that worry for nothing! Dinner was a SUCCESS =o)
The night before I worked with my mom, got home at just about 10pm, and Abby and I went to work on cleaning and cutting the collard greens!

She was up till almost midnight helping! She loved it! I did too, not only was it extra help for me, it was nice getting to cook with my oldest daughter! Especially such an important meal. Gave me even more to be thankful for!

After I sent her off to bed I was up till about 3am! I got all the greens going, the cookies baked, the pumpkin and sweet potato pie cooked, and most of the prep for the rest of dinner!
Thanksgiving morning we woke about 8am. We decided to do dinner @ 4 so babies could have a good nap while I cooked, and we wouldn't be too rushed. It worked out pretty perfect! While I was in kitchen making all the delish side items (mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, dressing (cheated- my mom made that for me), mac & cheese, greens, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and dinner rolls) Michael and Orlando (his cousin) fried the turkey and hens! YUMMY!

We invited his cousin and wife, and 6 children to come down and eat with us! (the only live a few house down the street!) They brought a ham and dessert! So we had tons of food, and TONS of hungry bellys waiting on it!

Everything was delicious! Couldn't have been better! I was SO proud of me! and Thankful for everyone who helped out too!
After dinner we had to continue tradition. Ever since I can remember we have always gone to the lighting of the tree in downtown Lawrenceville. Michael decided to stay home with the babies, I didn't think they would enjoy sitting in a stroller the whole time, and they were starting to get ill. Plus Michael has never been a big 'fan' of going. lol. Men. So we just met my Mother, Sister and niece there!

It worked out perfect! We got there right in time to start singing and then the tree lit! It just so happened where we were standing, when it was time for Santa to come we had the best spot! We were right on the top step of where he walks up to. I told the girls to get right on the rail so no one could get in front of them.
When Santa came, he walked like a foot in front of the girls, and he reached out and touched Aaliyah's chin and said "Hey there hun"!! The girls were SO excited!!!
The tree was beautiful, as usual! We walked around the square a little, before heading home for dessert!

It was a fabulous day!! Even though I didn't get to spend alot of time with my extended families, and even my mother, sister, aunt, and so forth. I still feel like it was worth doing dinner at the house. Plus, I AM THE ONE WITH 4 KIDS, I think I deserve the right for people to come over to my house and see us, instead up driving around to everyone else's house while they are sitting arond relaxing, you know what I mean?? lol.
We will probably do the same for christmas too!

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