Monday, January 31, 2011

Highchair Photos.

Maggie and Madison today at almost 16 months!!

Maggie and Madison when they were born! @ barely 5lbs each!

Quick update on M & M (aka Maggie & Madison)! As of Feb 6th they will be 16 months! Maggie is weighing in at 22.6lbs, and Madison at 22.9lbs!
Both girls are running around EVERYWHERE. And yes I mean running. They go from rolling over to sitting up to scooting to crawling to walking to RUNNING. lol. They both are talking up a storm as well. Everything starts with "Momma" but they are Daddy girls at heart. They light up when he is around and insist on sitting on top of him whenever possible! I can't believe 18 months is just around the corner :( Where has the time gone??
I realized after going through alot (as in 5,000) pictures that I have taken SEVERAL pictures of M&M in their highchairs. It is the best way to get pics of them together, I guess! Seeing that nowadays it almost never happens anymore. So I thought it would be cute to do a blog from the 1st highchair photos to the present!

Babies having their cereal for the 1st time in their seats! @4 months!

Getting used to eating Vegetables @ 5 months!

FINALLY in real highchairs for 1st time!!! @5 months!

Hey high chairs are good for toy time too! @5months

Madison enjoying some sweet potatoes! @5 months

Maggie not enjoying them @5 months

Starting to sit up like big girls @ 7 months!

Who doesn't love a baby who fell asleep in their highchair??

Madison @ 9 months

Maggie trying to steal food, their first time eating real finger foods!!

@ 9 months!

First time eating speghetti!!! Score! lol @ almost 8 months!

Maggie not so sure about it!

BIRTHDAY cake!!! @ 12 months!

And big smiles @ 13 months

Turning into such big girls, eating at table, and drinking from their cups

@ 15 months

Stuffing faces with pancakes! Their favorite breakfast! @ 13 months

LOL Love that face!

Speghetti nights are still fun @ 15 months!

AND @ almost 16 months, they think it is funny to put their

feet on the table too.. lol

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