Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snowed In 2011

(FYI- I was planning on putting pictures in order to tell my story of the week, but babies ate dinner too fast.. lol.. and I don't have time for the extra work. So you can read the story first, and see pictures that follow the timeline after!!)

Being in Lawrenceville, Georgia, born and raised and still here, in is rare we get snow. If we are lucky around February to March we might have a few flurries right before Spring kicks in, but that is usually it. I remember when I was pregnant with Aaliyah, in late March, one weekend it was 70 deg. we all pulled out our flip flops ready for Spring, and the next weekend we had 2 inch in snow and ice everywhere! lol GA weather has always been a little 'off'. But this year the 'off' weather started out a little early. Christmas we got snow? Yes, Christmas night we got s a little snow! Almost never heard of in Georgia. I had never remembered ever having snow in December! And it is only January and we are seeing temps in the teens and snow? Kind of scary, but still we must make the best out of the worst, right?

When ever the weather man mentions snow, us Georgians first reaction is, "psst, yeah right" Then when the weather men get serious and say "GEORGIA you ARE getting 4-10 inches!" We freak the heck out. The day of, there will be lines to the gas stations around the block. The grocery stores will sell out of every gallon of milk, loaf of bread, and carton of eggs. lol. It is just what we do. Well this year was no exception.

Through out the 1st week of Jan, I remember hearing them say Ga has a 'chance' of seeing some snow towards the beginning of the next week. I was one of the ones to say "Psst yeah right". Well then the weekend came around and they really started talking about accumulations, and inches of snow, followed by rain, and freezing temperatures. While I still was thinking "psst" about the snow part, I did know rain + freezing temps is never a good thing. So I decided to go ahead and go grocery shopping. THANK GOD. I just bought my normal stuff for the week, maybe a few extras, but definitely didn't go nuts like some. Kind of wished later that I had!

Sunday January 9th, my mother and I headed out to clean the 2 credit unions that we clean every weekend. It was about 5pm when we left. While we both agreed it was FREEZING cold outside, we both also agreed that we saw no signs of snow and was beginning to think those weather guys were really full of it. We did our cleaning and finished up about 8:30, and headed home. The entire ride home we conversated on how we really hoped to get snow, but doubted it would be as 'bad' as they say it was going to be. BOY oh BOY, were we wrong. We pulled up to my house about 8:45. I noticed it was maybe starting to sprinkle a little. We walked in, my aunt was over keeping kids for me. We talked for a few min and then my mom and aunt got ready to leave. That is when it started to snow. 9pm Jan 9th, 2011. I, still being skeptical, figured it would probably turn to rain soon, or stop. So I closed up door, got babies down to bed, and big girls ready for bed. About 9:30 I looked outside. HOLY CRAP. In 30 min it had already snowed at least an inch, and was coming down HARD. It was beautiful! The prettiest scene ever! So I got big girls back up out of bed, we threw on our jackets and went out side to snap some pics and play!!! I wanted to get before and after pics. I think I did a pretty good job!

This was just the beginning. After girls went to bed. I stayed up in the living room, by 10pm we had 2 1/2 inches. I was beginning to worry about Michael. He works night shift so he wouldn't have been coming home till 5 am. Who knows how bad it would be then! I also had to convince him we had snow. LOL. He was working inside, I assume where he couldn't see outside. The whole time I was texting him about what was going on, and the almost 3 inch of snow.. he thought I was exaggerating, and believed none of it. Got to love him. He knows me well. But this time I was for real. I measured it!!!

I put my fireplace dvd on, lit a candle, and fixed some apple cider and watched it snow. Beautiful. So relaxing a peaceful. I was hoping to stay awake until I knew Michael was on his way home. That didn't work out so well. BUT I wasn't TOO worried, the man is from Michigan, and drives a 4 wheel drive truck. He would be/ and WAS just fine. He even stopped at Walmart trying to find the girls better snow gloves!

DAY 1-

When I woke up the next morning, it was SOOO Beautiful. Michael said it has snowed all night and there were 6-7 inches. I jumped out of bed like it was Christmas morning and I was 6 again! lol Ran the the front door. WOW. It was a sight. EVERYTHING was white. So clean and beautiful =o) I couldn't wait for girls to get up and see it too! And when they did their reactions were nothing less than expected. They were in shock!

I made a big home made breakfast! (Usually I don't get to cook big bfast anymore, girls in school and stuff)

Pancakes, bacon, and eggs! We ate and then pulled out ALL our gloves, scarfs, and hats. Put together some 'snow' outfits and went out to enjoy! The enjoyment didn't last TOO long, it was too cold!! Our cheeks and noses were frozen. We walked a little bit and snapped some pictures and went right back inside! But we did go back out later to play again. This time Michael joined us. lol. with a 4 wheel drive truck, rope, plastic container, ice and children, you have no idea the fun you can create! I left Michael to this one. He thought he was going to have to work, but ended up not having to. So I stayed in with the babies and started cooking a big dinner. (got to take advantage of him being home for dinner!!) I cooked a big honey glazed ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls. I figured the ham would be perfect for the next couple days for sandwiches and stuff! And it was! Dinner was delish! After dinner around 5ish we decided it was time for babies to play in the snow for their first time!!! IT TAKES FOREVER GETTING BABIES READY IN 3 LAYERS OF CLOTHES AND JACKETS. Then if you aren't moving in time when they are ready they get hot and irritated in the house. lol.

They didn't know what to think at first. Maggie stood there pretty happy. Madison screamed. lol. She didn't like it at all.

Michael thought it would be better idea to put them on the trampoline covered in snow with the net around it so they could play! They did! And loved it! Eating snow balls was their favorite thing to do!! Madison did get a little fussy again, so she went inside with Dad, and I stayed with Maggie and big girls. They had a blast. Maggie wasn't too happy when it was time to go inside. She is definitely a snow baby. We warmed everyone up, got in PJ's and enjoyed watching some movies and staying up late, knowing we weren't going anywhere the next day either!

DAY 2-

No school, obviously. but during night the snow developed a layer of ice on top of it. Which makes for alot of fun watching a dog trying to go outside to potty. lol. Poor Newman. Not so much fun for those who were attempting to go to work driving on 3 inch of ice and snow! I left the news on most of the morning, until I was just plain tired of hearing about it.

I made another big home made breakfast/brunch (we slept in a little!!). This time Belgian waffles (with my new waffle maker! thx Di!!), and fried ham!

Yum yum.

We went out to play again, and again. And by now I am starting to wish the snow away. Every time you go outside and come back in, there is another load of clothes to be washed, shoes to be dried, and floors to dry. NO FUN.

I spent alot of the day cleaning house and doing those little things you don't have time to normally do! But it seemed like most of the day was filled with washing clothes and cooking, putting up clothes, and cooking, fixing drinks, snacks, putting on movies, pulling out games, cleaning up games, sweeping, vacuuming, coloring, cooking, cooking, and more cooking. 6 people in a house can eat alot! lol 3 meals, and at least 2 snacks a day. On just day 2 I felt like a live in maid!

DAY 3-

Kill me now. No school, again. Not that I expected them to make my kids find a way to school in ice and snow. But it was really disappointing to know that our county/state is SO un-prepared for snow. This being the 3rd day of no one going to school and no one working. Nothing is open, and the places that are open might as well be closed because they are sold out of everything! I had now missed 2 days work. When I don't work, I don't get paid (pooo!) Michael was off again. The biggest upside to this was getting to spend family time together. No one really drove anyone nuts. We made it work. We played, and played and played. Outside and Inside. We did manicures, pedicures, makeovers, played dress up, cooked, and baked cookies. Cabin fever was on the breaking point.

DAY 4-

Michael had to go to work. =o( and had to work a 18hr day! The trucks finally made it there and were waiting to be unloaded. He works for a food distribution center. SO the food had to be put up and orders HAD to go to out. It took him about 2 hours to get there. Normally takes 30min.

The girls and I continued what we had been doing. Playing, eating, watching movies. Teaching babies to sing! lol

GOING CRAZY. Starting to run out of food, and needing to desperately get out of the house!!

DAY 5-

Seriously is it over YET?? No school. No work for me. Work opened for dinner, first time that week, but I don't work nights, SO no work at all for me that whole week! =o( I finally made it to the store. Roads were starting to melt due to some traffic on them, finally!!! Starting to look like it is finally almost done! No more playing outside. Snow is now brown and no longer as fun as it was before! My house is spotless from all the cleaning all week long, and I am truly just bored at this point.

It is OVER! The weekend is here, the ice is melted, the snow is slowly going away! We are going to the mall! lol. And we did! And it was great! We SURVIVED!

And I learned a few things...

1. You can never know for sure you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, until you are snowed in together for a week, and get along PERFECT. =o) Score!

2. As much as I love my kids, and enjoy spending time with them, there is only SO much you can do to keep them occupied and happy. At some point they just do not shut up talking and images of duck tape start floating in your head. lol. I have alot of work to do before Summer gets here!

3. As much as I love visiting Michigan (where Michael is from), I could NEVER live some where where it snows ALL winter. I love snow. For like a day or two. That is all.

4. I will never wish for snow again.

5. Thank god for Facebook.

Where is the snow mommy?

9pm- it begins!

Big girls excited!!

My car, before...

Newman checking out the 'white stuff'!

Back porch, before...

My car, morning after!!

Back yard.. after!

Looking down my street!

Mailbox, pretty in white!

Girls 1st time outside to play in the snow!! Brrrrrr!

Babies wondering what the white stuff is!!

Snow Angels!!

Michael knows how to have fun!

Mommy is having no part of it! lol

Maggie LOVES it!!

Real Snow Angels!!

Trying to walk in snow, lol =o) Needed Daddy's help!

Aaliyah being silly!!

Abby is a snow girl! She loves it, and NEVER complains of being cold!

YUMMY- Snowballs!!

We made homemade snow ice cream! Yummy =o)

Last day of playing in the snow..

We survived the SNOW!! Now if only the Falcons did.


  1. I've always wondered how you make SNOW ice cream - - please tell me!!

  2. 1 gallon fresh snow
    1 cup white sugar
    1 tablespoon vanilla extract
    2 cups milk
    (splash of food coloring for fun! It is yummy!!)