Monday, April 11, 2011


To say that we had an awesome Spring Break, would be a HUGE under statement! It was fabulous!! Great weather, and a week full of fun stuff to do! So anyone who is interested, here is what we did...

To start the week off we spent some time at my moms house over the weekend, playing in the back yard! M&M (now at 18 months) are really enjoying getting to run around outside! (BTW you will notice in pictures, Abigail no longer likes having her picture taken, and avoids me as much as possible, and I can never get M&M in a shot together!! errr)

Day 1-
Monday was a simple day, my mom works out in Clarkston and wanted me and girls to come have lunch with her and her friend Amanda. M&M decided to wake up a hour earlier than normal, so they were pretty exhausted. I was worried about them being ill the whole time, but they ended up not being too bad! Originally we had planned on going to Chick-fil-a. Easy place to eat with kiddos! BUT when we pulled into parking lot, we realized this chick-fil-a was not normal. It didn't have a dining room, it was built like a Checkers! So we last resorted to McDonald's! It was close by and girls were hungry!! It was nice getting to visit their Nana (even though I failed to get a picture with her :( ) On the way back home we stopped in Bruster's for a yummy treat!!  but M&M didn't make it! They were asleep 1/2 way home!! The rest of the day we stayed home, low-key! Played outside a little, did some laundry, stayed cool!

Day 2-
Tuesday we didn't have a whole lot planned. Abigail had a doc appt that morning. Which went kind of scary!! It was a well check up, but they were also doing a follow up to my concerns of her starting puberty too early. She has had a lot of symptoms and signs of starting, but is only 8! Also she had gained a bit of weight, but did not grow tall enough for it to make sense. Considering that Abigail is a very active girl, who drinks water 99% of the time, and is eating pretty healthy, there isn't much reason for her to be gaining weight and not growing taller to make up for it. They ordered 12 blood tests, 2 urine analysis, and a bone age x-ray! Talk about scaring Mommy!! Her doc said hopefully it is just puberty, and if all her levels are ok, we will just let nature take its course. But they are testing for everything imaginable, just to rule out anything being wrong. We should get results by the end of the week!! Mommy's scared to death! But Abby was a champ!
After the doctor visit we went out for breakfast and by the hospital to visit Bebe! (my sister who is back in hospital AGAIN! Keep her in your prayers please!) THEN we went home and gathered up the rest of the crew and  hit up Hobby Lobby! Always a favorite! Girls picked out a craft each, and we picked up some goodies we needed for hair bow making! Then we headed over to my Aunt Diane's house for some snacks, and a visit! (She recently was in AZ for 2 weeks, so girls hadn't seen her since she'd been home!!) Again I did not get a picture :(  (My camera isn't working, so I am taking pics on my phone, and I fail to remember!! Oops! Tuesday night was movie night! We had a camp out in the living room! FUN!

Day 3- The best day EVER!
Wednesday was the day the girls had been looking forward to! It was our shopping day +BONUS surprise to Dave and Busters!! This day we left Maggie and Madison at home! Too difficult to shop with little ones needing naps! We went to Discover Mills (their mall of choice!) Before shopping I broke the news to them that we would not be going to Chuck-E-Cheese that week. :( I hate that place :) Instead we were going to Dave and Busters at the mall! No complaints!! They were super ecstatic! And just my luck, Wednesdays are 1/2 price game days!! Woo hoo! We did a pkg deal and ended up with something like $50 on cards for games! It took almost 2 hours and 385,798 games played to finally use up all the money on the cards! I had 10 buckets filled with tickets! We had like 10 points left, so we went to the famous Spin the Wheel game to win tickets, Abby went first and won 150! Then the last 5 points on the card, the LAST game to be played, Aaliyah spinned the wheel. I turned around talking to Abby and I hear a siren going off "JACK POT, WINNER WINNER" She hit the 1,000 ticket jackpot!! That was just pure luck!! We waited there for at least 10 min waiting for them to all print out!! She was so excited, and felt so special! They ended up with 3.704 tickets to gets prizes with! They ended up with night vision goggles, D&B basketball, stickers, candy, stuffed animals, and flashlight lollipop thingies! Good deal =o)

After the arcade fun, we hit up the eatery for the girls lunch pick Hibachi Grill, they call it Chinese, but in fact it is Japanese! Then they wanted to go on the merry go round! I don't think they ever get too old enough for it! And it seems like yesterday when I had to ride it with Aaliyah b/c she was too little! They grow SO fast!!

After lunch and the fun it was time to get down to business shopping! JUSTICE here we come.
And we were there 2hrs and 15 min! IN ONE STORE! They didn't want to go to ANY other store to shop, it had to be Justice, and THEN they HAD to try on everything they picked out. I was ready for the tallest Margarita in the world by the time I was done shopping with them! I promised 2 outifts each, ended up buying 3 each b/c no one could decide between their choices! But it worked out great b/c after what I spent I got 4 $25 off $50 purchase coupons! Needless to say we will be back soon!
This day, April 6th, also marked a BIG stepping stone for Maggie and Madison! It was their 18 month birthday! We enjoyed the beautiful weather outside, and taught them how to play/draw with chalk! It was by far the most amazingly fun day with all my girls!!

Too many pictures and stories to share for one blog... next post = the remainder of the week

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