Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break part 2

Day 4-
Thursday was a really fun day too! Abigail has been saving her money from her previous birthday this past March. She ended up raking in $100! So we started this day off making a trip out to Gwinnett Federal Credit Union, in Monroe, where my sister works, to open her very first savings account!! She really felt all grown up signing her forms! She may only have $100 but she felt like a million!!

After the fun at the credit union, we headed back towards home to have a picnic lunch in the park. We packed up a lunch and made our way to Alexander Park. (again the girls pick, I wanted to go to Tribble Mill!) Instead of eating at a table and playing with 100 kids running around everywhere, we walked out to the field and found a nice quiet spot for a picnic and play time!! It was beautiful! And fun! M&M enjoyed walking around and playing ball/frisbee with big girls! Eventually though we did pack it up and headed back up to playground for some swing time!! It was a fun but very exhausting day! So HOT outside!! Once home, we worked on some of our crafts we got from Hobby Lobby! Girls made Sand Art!

Day 5-
Friday was originally going to be the day we were going to Malibu! It is Michael's only day off during the week, so we thought it would be a great time to go!! BUT then Michael had to end up going to work :(
So we post-poned our Friday festivities till Saturday! Friday was a simple day. We didn't do too much other than play outside, and I cleaned up house. I went grocery shopping, and made a big dinner when Michael came home from work. We decided to put up the tent the girls had got from Santa. I figured we could set it up in the back yard and that would give them something fun to do! Well this day was just not meant to be fun. When we opened it all up, there were no poles!!! Michael packaged it all back up and took it back to the store (where we 'assumed' Santa bought it from) and got a brand new one!! But by the time they got home with it, it was too dark/late to put it up. ugh. Post-poned that for Saturday night too!

Day 6- our make up day from Friday!
Saturday was going to be another fun day!! My aunt Diane came down to my house and stayed with Maggie and Madison while Michael and I took A&A to Malibu Grand Prix! No way was I going to take them out there, in 85 deg weather to sit in a stroller the whole time and be miserable!!
Once we got there, I remembered why I wanted to go on Friday, less people! It was stupid busy! We bought tickets enough for us to do only do the boats, and the race cars. After waiting in line for a hour the girls finally got to do the bumper boats! I am sure the water felt amazing! It was SO hot that day!!
Then we did race cars! First time for me since high school! Last time we came I was prego and couldn't ride :( Not this time!!! Aaliyah rode with me, and Abby with Michael. We were first in line, and I was determined to stay that way.. SPSHHH 30 sec into it my car decided to not want to go and Michael and Abby flew right past us!! But we made it up a little! It was crazy fun!! Been a while since I felt like a kid again! Even though we didn't get to do alot of stuff, the girls still had a great time! We took then out to dinner afterwards, then went by hospital again to visit my sister!

When we got back home, this is what we found...

Aunt Diane was alot of fun, and wore the babies out!!!
I dont' have any more pictures to share for the remainder of the night. (my phone doesn't have flash, no pics turned out that were taken outside :( )

We ended up setting up tent after all! And inviting Michael's cousins over to play outside in tent, and I made a fire for them to roast marshmallows! They had TOO much fun!! It was almost midnight before we got everyone to bed!!
It was a great ending to a GREAT week!! I am so glad I started the tradition years ago, to have fun-filled Spring Breaks, with lots to do and fun to be had!!!
Here are a few pictures of M&M today, playing outside with sisters! Too cute not to share!


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  1. I can't believe Malibu is still open. I used to think that place was sooo cool. Now of course I'm grown up and it takes more than go carts to make me happy lol. Looks like y'all had an amazing spring break :) I'm proud of Abby for putting her money up!! Start young and it'll pay off in the end, literally!