Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer 2011... in pictures!

So, of course, I could do a blog for each month, but I thought it would be more fun to do a slideshow of pictures and phrases!
This is what my household has been up to these past few months (computerless)!
Michael and Megan plus 4 TAKE 1!

We started the summer off taking big girls out to dinner at the Kani House! Their (and mine!) favorite!! As a rewards for awesome grades and another great year in school done!!

We enjoyed a night at the laser show for it's opening night!! Awesome!!! But found out M&M not so much fans of fireworks, actually, neither are A&A! lol!

Spent Father's Day at church! Abigail and Aaliyah spent the weekend with their dad, SO it was just us 4 :(
But seriously, check out that smile on Maggie! She was daddy's girl all day!!
Daddy was a good daddy this year, he got a 'little' spoiled! Actually this was his Father's Day, Birthday, Christmas, and Valentine's gift for the next year!! LOL (just kidding, a little ;)

Abby won tickets to a braves game, from a reading program in school! We had an awesome time! Michael and Abigail were both Braves game virgins! Even though we lost, it was still much fun!! Abby LOVED it!
I decided to go red, and cut the hair off a little for the summer. Ooooh yeah, Michael got a bike in February.
I am totally modeling on it because I haven't actually been on a ride yet.. #1 I don't have a helmet to fit my huge head, YET #2 I am scared to death!!

But Abigail is NOT scared AT all. She begs to go on a ride. (Ride meaning putting on helmet and driving 5 min down street and back) But she is a pro, she learned how to ride quickly and is actually really good. I can imagine what she will want for her 18th birthday. uuuugh. Mommys worst nightmare!

These few pictures are from our blueberry picking experience!! It was fun! It was HOT! and I will not take M&M again till they are 4! We got a decent size bucket worth and enjoyed MANY blueberry pancakes!

AALIYAH TURNED 6!!!! And became very interested in soccer!! She is playing this fall at the Y!!
She had an awesome 6th birthday. Michael and I took her out to dinner, just her, a birthday tradition. She got LOTS of goodies!! Had a birthday POOL party, and enjoyed a pedicure with Mommy!!! Woo hoo!!

Our pretty finished products!!

 M&M found a new love for ice cream cones! They stole these from me and my mom! lol. We didn't plan on sharing that much!! This was the 4th of July at downtown Lawrenceville's show and fireworks on the square!

 HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!  My red, white, and blue girls!!

We hung out in backyard, alot. Playing in water sprinklers, and eating watermelon!!

Maggie and Madison (approaching 2 in October) now know what Cheeeese means to take their picture! They are getting quite good at it too!!! LOVE those smiles!!

Also getting quite good at coloring too! They love "peeen-seals"!
M&M love to help Daddy to anything! Including washing the bike! lol and themselves...

Toooo cute!

The girls in Underground Atlanta! I lOVE the city, and love any excuse to go! This was a good one though! We had a family outing, My mother, sister, aunt, aunts god child, Michael, Me, and all 4 girls went downtown to enjoy a day at the World of Coke and Underground! Fun Fun Fun!!

Decided 102 degrees is TOO dang out for long hair this year, and chopped it off. Will be growing it out for the fall, but I am totally loving a bare neckline!!

Although we have NOT started potting training yet, the very first time we sat Madison on it, she peed!! Good sign for future training!!

Our poor baby girl, Maggie.. she became quite under the weather! 12 days of no eating, vomiting and crying. Gastritis and acid reflux, NOT good combination! She is ALL better now, thank goodness!! I would do anything to never have to re-live those 2 weeks again. Pure torture for your child to feel so bad, and watch them not eat a bite of food. Luckily she still liked to drink plenty so no issues with that. And although she was at doctors 3 different occasions, it was never too serious, and with the right doctors call, she was all better!!

CHEERLEADING season has begun, AGAIN! Abigail attended her summer camp, and practice has begun! Cheer Off 2011 here we come!!  Aaliyah, M&M love watching her cheer, and LOVE driving Mommy crazy at the ball park every night! 100 degrees, 3 kids who cant sit still or be quiet.. lol. Welcome to my world! (I must be crazy, but I love it!!)
BTW- Madison is a monkey. She has learned to climb over and out of EVERYTHING! Her crib, highchair, wagon, gates, everything!!! Only thing she hasn't *knock on wood* is her stroller!!
We spent the last weekend before school goes back running around making sure we had the 5,000 things required for starting school. A million school supplies, clothes, shoes... etc.. etc... SO we spoiled ourselves a little, and my mother and I decided a 1 day road trip to Savannah and Tybee Island would be awesome!
IT WAS!! A couple hours in the sand was enough for me to be more than ready for our upcoming vacation to the pearly white sands of Gulf Shores! But for now, we settled for this! Most definitely worth the 5 hour drive! And I can't believe we have never done that before! Next summer, we are going again, and again, and again!! Look at these faces.......

My cutie pa-tooties!! Love those smiles!!
But of course, all good things must come to an end! (kind of) School began TODAY!
Although my kids LOVE school and were very excited to go back, I am kind of sad they aren't around all day to help mommy out and entertain me and M&M. They are great helpers with their little sisters, and GREAT helpers to Mommy and Daddy!! This year they have entered 3rd grade and 1st grade!! I can't believe how fast time goes by!!
I think it is safe to say we had an AWESOME summer! And it isn't over quite yet, Family Vacation in 23 days!!!
But for now... off they go on the cheese wagon... :( *sniffle*sniffle*

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  1. That was great! I just love watching them grow up! All your girls are as cute as they can be...