Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wow, I'm behind!!

I've made a goal for myself, and I am hoping to accomplish it with in two weeks!!
I've got so much to catch up on and SO many pictures to share!! After getting our computer fixed, in a week it died again. Since the holidays were coming up and we have a four girls to buy for this year, new winter coats needed, winter clothes for my growing girls, and new car tires, it was clear the computer had to wait. Hopefully now that the busy time of year is over, I will be getting a new one SOON!
But I cant wait any longer to update my blog :)
So look forward to reading about,
September- first family vacation with everyone, Gulf Shores, AL. labor day weekend, in middle of hurricanes! Lol going to be a good read, I promise ;)
Cheerleader season, cheer off, 3rd place trophy!! And soccer season!!
October- M&M turn 2, birthday celebrations!!! And of course Halloween!!
November- my birthday, and thanksgiving!!
December- of course HUGE Christmas, I got a new camera, and have taken 300 pics in 3 days ;)

So starting this week I will get started on them all!!!
Hope you all have had a great holiday season! I look forward to reading your Christmas blogs!

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