Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Computer advice needed!!

So yeah yeah I know. I've been posting vacation pictures for weeks now. Well turns out my computer is crashed bc it's old and has like 10,000 pics on it!! So I decided to start going to my moms house and uploading pics on her laptop to upload on my Facebook and blog. After 2 hours of uploading on her computer, waited an hour to upload on my blog, and not one worked. I think I uploaded tooo many. So I quit. (I mean come on I don't have hours to sit on a computer) and while the iPad is awesome. I can't figure out how to do pictures on here,
I'm not even sure if it is possible to do!!
This year marks a big year for us! As we are about to begin our house buying experience!! Woo hoo!! So basically we are saving like crazy, and I'm personally scared to death while Michael seems to be the positive one. However one thing I refuse to wait on any longer is a computer. My computer I want to have just fixed up as good as possible to get all my files off and on a flash drive. Then the girls can use it for small stuff and school work.
So I have to decide on what to get myself.

Do I want a laptop?
Or another PC?
What brand is the best??
How many GB do I need for all my endless picture taking??

So I was just wondering you guys personally opinions.
What kind of compute do you have?
Do you like it? Pros? Cons?

Thanks in advance!!


  1. Hardy and I got a terabyte a few years go and that's where we save our photos and music. It makes a huge difference on the operation of our laptop. You can plug it in via USB and move files to and from your computer or open files directly from ye terabyte. Before getting a brand new computer I would look into getting a portable storage device of decent size. A terabyte holds a loooooooooot and we arent even close to using 1/2 the space on ours.

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  3. I have an hp desktop but have had it since 2007. I gite a lot of extras built in it to help it last and hold everything.I also move all my pics to two external hard drives drives. Def buy something that has extra space to added more, memory in the future!!!!!