Sunday, February 12, 2012

I got a computer!!

I know, I know, I have been talking about it forever!
I got a new computer!!!

It is SO much more than I expected to!
I have been researching brands, reviews, and sales for the last few weeks.
My final thoughts were #1 I want a desktop package, and #2 I want a HP.

So yesterday we went to Best Buy, as they were the ones who had what I wanted.
Except when we got there, they had nothing.
I asked about what I was looking for and they advised me that those deals are only online.
In store they sell everything seperately, which end result is more expensive!
So my 2nd spot to look was Sam's Club. I often browse their deals while grocery shopping, and knew they sold everything in package deals.
Although I could have gone online. I am a very impatient person. And when I set out to get something, I want it right then. I hate having to wait. (Hello, I have been waiting months now for a new computer!)
I am SO glad we decided to go to Sam's as they had exactly what I wanted and needed, and right about the exact price range I wanted too!!

I ended up with a:

HP p7-1157-cb
8GB, wireless connection, with 23 inch LED screen

Its awesome!
So far I have uploaded 1500 pictures on it :/ lol
I worked on updating pictures on my facebook today, and will begin to upload on here next!
However tonight is Grammy night, and in lue of tragedy yesterday I CAN NOT miss it!
I was a HUGE Whitney Houston fan growing up! I have my tissues ready!!
Hope you all have a great night!!

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