Wednesday, February 15, 2012

M&M 2nd Birthday!

Maggie and Madison turned 2 on Oct 6th (yes I know that was over 4 months ago!)!
Their birthday this year marked a wierd time in my life. I don't know if it was me realizing they weren't babies any more, or just me being crazy. I began feeling sad, like really sad, that I wasn't going to be having any more children. Most may say that YES I am definitely crazy for that thought. Seriously though. I had my tubes tied during c-section with M&M for many good reasons. Reasons I still believe, and I know it was the right choice to make. But somewhere in the back of my brain, there is a teeny insy bity spot that cuddles the idea of another baby. As insane as that might be. I in no way, shape, or form need or actually want another child. I love my 4. BUT knowing I won't be having anymore, ever, is a little sad. You know what I mean??
Yes, I know, maybe I am a little crazy.
ANYWAY. Back to my twincesses!
Their birthday was fun this year! Michaels mom was visiting from Michigan. (She usually comes down for the twins birthday) It was a crazy busy week with both our work schedules, plus having house guests, and the big girls in school. But it all worked out!
Michael had to work the day of their birthday, so we just did cupcakes and presents with the girls before he had to head to work! Here are a few of my fav pics from the actual day of their 2nd birthday!!
 Starting the day with  yummy healthy breakfast!
 then dressed in their birthday shirts, and on a morning walk!

 After nap time was the BIG present time!!!
 "whats outside Daddy?"

 Their own mini trampoline!!!
 Best part of the day, CUPCAKES!

 "ewwww mommmy"

 "I think I should feed the balloon"
 "I've always wanted pink hair"

(*looking at these pictures reminds me I have to learn to pass to camera along and get on the other side!! I am never in any pictures, bc I am the one always taking them!!!*)

We had their birthday party at our house that following Saturday. Which was quite a challenge! Abigail was in the middle of cheer season so she had a football game that morning, and Aaliyah had a soccer game too!! Thankfully my mom and aunt were able to help out with games, so I could stay home and get house ready for party!!
We rented a bounce house, which is always a big hit! All my children LOVE bounce houses!
Truth is Maggie and Madison don't really have anyone their own age to come to  party! All party guests were our family and friends and their children. Who are either much older, or babies! lol
Since the girls at the time weren't into TV yet and really didn't even 'like' anything. I made the choice to do a Minnie and Daffy theme! Turned out very cute!!
Like usual girls were beyond spoiled! Racking in strollers, babydolls, scooters, books, coloring books, dress up clothes, real clothes, pj's, and misc toys!!
Here are a few pictures of them opening gifts. Its VERY difficult getting 'good' pictures of a 2 year old, let alone TWO of them!! But I tried!
 Madison, who at this point in her life refuses to smile for cameras!
And Maggie, who has no problem belting out a "ChEEEEEse!"

After party Michael and I wondered what the heck we would be getting them for Christmas, they seriously racked up. I am so thankful to have the kind of family and friends that I do!!
My girls are quite lucky!!

The day after the girls birthday party they were super excited to put on dress up clothes and go back outside to jump in bouncer! (We had it all weekend!)
SO that is exactly what we did. They put on their outfits and outside we went.
Don't mind the hair, lol, it was a go natural kind of day!! I LOVE these pictures of them!! ENJOY!

 I think it was a little too early for pictures... :/

Another birthday, come and gone. Time goes by TOO fast for me. I wish I could slow down and really enjoy it more! Life is always SO busy busy!
All 4 of my princesses will be all grown up before I know it!!!
Something I need to work on everyday, forget the laundry, the dishes, the toys, and just sit down and enjoy my children more. Nothing is worth more than time with them!

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