Monday, February 13, 2012

Family pictures 2011 (vacation edition)

Before we left for vacation I had big plans for taking family pictures on the beach. I bought everything matching outifts (well colors at least) and made sure everyone had hairbows, etc.
However the weather was NOT in favor of my plans. The only day we had sunshine and no huge risk of rain, we spent on the beach. I was hoping to be finished up and ready for pictures by sunset that night. BUT again didn't work in my favor. By the time we come up to the room, showered and got ready, there was NO sunset because it was pouring rain and all the clouds returned!
So I browsed the condo looking for a good spot for pics. The best I came up with was the gym. It had a huge wall of nothing but windows over looking the beach. I figured that was my best shot!
So here are the results. They actually turned out pretty good considering the circumstances, and sunburns! ;)

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