Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Christmas Eve & Day!

Y'all know me, Pictures tell the story ;)
Just a little run down though.
Christmas eve is normally a tradition we have every year at my sister Kathleen's house. We exchange gifts for the kids and have dinner. Its an awesome tradition so that we can spend time with them since on Christmas Day we are all all over the place.
However, this year my sister and her family went to Disney for a week and got back Christmas Eve morning. So we had the event at my aunt Diane's house! Worked great! Dinner was delicious and kids had a great time!! Here's a peak!

 My mom!
 Awesome scarfs my sister had made for the girls. They have pockets for their hands, with their initials!
 My sister, My mom, My sister
 Michael and my Bro-in-law John
 My hostess herself, My aunt Diane!
I love this picture!!


Christmas Day has never been a quiet, relaxed day. It is always busy and go go go. I hate that. I am SO hoping we are in our new house settled before Christmas and we won't be going anywhere! Make everyone come to us!
We start the day at home, Santa presents, and our presents to each other! Then the kids play with new stuff while I fix breakfast. Although this year it was raining, and I didn't realize it until everyone had shoes on ready to go ride their new bikes!! So we went outside for a few minutes and then came back inside to play with other stuff!!

 AND BTW- I don't have all the awesome surprised faces pictures bc 1) my camera was broke, and I forget to borrow my moms to use Christmas morning, 2)my phone doesn't take movement well and all pics I did take turned out like crap. But I did eventually get some good pictures. Michael told me that before the girls could open any gifts I needed to open one. I was like "what??" lol but after opening it it made sense. I got a new AWESOME camera!!
But even with new camera. Taking pictures is very hard to do while you are there living the moment too! M&M needed help and we just had stuff everywhere!

 another gift from Michael! I have been wanting one of these forever! The open heart necklace!
The top has Michael's birthstone, then all the girls stones are at the bottom. You cant see in pic but also on the bottom of heart says Michael & Megan.
This almost made me cry. By far most thoughtful gift id ever received!
Caught a little sibling argument!

THEN we start getting ready to go to my moms house and do it all over again. (My mom is crazy mom at Christmas, she buys TOO much no matter what you tell her)
We then have Christmas with my mom, sister Elizabeth, and my aunt Diane who came over too!
We also eat Christmas dinner with them!

 I LOVE this picture of him ;)

That's my darling, sock monkey hat and Dad's Against Daughters Dating shirt! lol

So after my moms house, we load up and drop off everything at home, then head to Abigail and Aaliyah's other Nana and Papa's house. This is also a yearly tradition! Its the one time of the year they are all together. They have 3 aunties, and 2 uncles there too. So its really special for Abigail and Aaliyah to get to spend time with them!!

Christmas night, we were SO exhausted! The girls wanted to try out the Wii, so Michael got it hooked up for them and they 'just danced' the night away!!

Well that was our Christmas, as quickly as it came, it was gone! But definitely enjoyed! Girls beyond racked up, DSi, skates, purses, clothes, pj's, books, bikes, games, feather extensions, baby dolls, dress up clothes, jewelry, new comforter sets for their beds, Cd's, movies... oh my. The following couple days were filled with cleaning out room and closets making space for it all!!

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