Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Break- dreadful day 3

Day Three aka Wednesday.
First let me tell you what was SUPPOSED to happen.
Tuesday night was our last night in hotel. We planned to check out Wed morning, load up the car and just drive to all our destinations.
We were going to go to the Children's Discovery Museum first. Then have lunch. Then go down to the river and see the fountains and take some pictures on the pretty staircases. Then maybe grab a snack and take a stroll along the river watching the ferry. We were even debating on going on the Ferry! Then heading back home around 6-7pm. That way we would be home for bedtime!
Well that didn't happen. None of it.


I woke up Wednesday morning, before everyone else again, and started to pack up and clean up the room. Check out wasn't until 12 but we planned to leave out earlier than that to hit up museum.
While piddling around Aaliyah woke up. She got out of bed and said, "Mommy I don't feel so BLAHHHH" Yep throw up. Spewing out of her mouth. As we ran to the bathroom. She continued to throw up for the next 30 minutes. And then the poopies came too. Same time as the throw up. You know what that means?? Only one of them made it into the potty.
To much info?? Sorry. But it's the truth. And while I don't have to blog about it to remember, as it is something I will probably NEVER forget, I am. Just in case. lol
Once she was pretty much done and cleaned up. She got back in bed. She was on fire! Fever of 102. She went back to sleep and by then everyone else was up.

I debated on just staying in the car with her while Michael went to museum with girls. But museum is a play thing, and both Maggie and Madison would require more than 2 hands to keep up with them.
Plus I was starting to feel yucky. I couldn't decide if it was reaction to Aaliyah, or in fact if I didn't feel good or not. Michael too felt crappy. His stomach was starting to hurt him too.
We decided in was probably food poisoning or a virus that hit us. And most likely would be affecting everyone soon. We made the apparent choice to pack it up and head it home! :(
It really sucked for Abigail bc she was feeling just fine and wanted to go to the museum. But you know these things happen. We promised them one Saturday we would just drive up to go do a day of things and the museum.

In the middle of packing Madison started acting funny. And yep, you guessed it, in the matter of seconds she was in the bathroom too! Once she was done I plopped her in the 'sick' bed while we finished up packing quickly as possible!!
I was starting to get very nervous about our 2 hour ride home! In my aunts car!!
(lol Abby and Maggie staying away from the sicklings!)

(Here are few pictures I tried to get of M&M in my favorite shirts of theirs, they didn't cooperate very well, shocker, I know)

We loaded up our rack and were ready to go when I woke up Aaliyah. She got out of bed and I told her to move around a little and make sure she wasn't going to get sick again. She took about 4 steps then ran to the bathroom! Michael took the girls out while I cleaned her all up, again. Once she was all done, I opened a diaper and put it inside her panties just in case on the ride home, and we got her a plastic bag to hold on to too. She looked just miserable. I felt SO bad for my little baby!!

As we walked down hall I warned the cleaning crew about our bathroom. I cleaned up as much as I possibly could. But it was still a little disastrous.

Before we knew it we were checked out and loaded up in the van!
*OOOH yeah, and our room ended up being $50 cheaper than we were quoted! SWEET!*
On the way to the highway we stopped by the visitor center so the girls could use some of their money on souvenirs. Plus I had a few people to buy something for too!
We also stopped by the store for some Gatorade and saltines!
I drove us home and 1/2 way down the road Madison started up again :(
Luckily Michael caught it all, and it wasn't too messy.
Aaliyah slept the whole way home, and never got sick again.
The drive was much better than we expected! Whew.
We got home about 2:30-3pm. And that's about the exact time it hit Michael and I.
I started feeling really tired, and my stomach hurt. I literally couldn't get off the couch.
Michael was the same way.
My living room was very interesting. Michael and I were on the sectional, Aaliyah on the loveseat. All completely dazed. Abigail turned into Nurse Abby. She took care of us all! Madison was pretty cuddly and tired too. But that didn't stop her or Maggie from completely destroying the house. Abby did her best to keep them out of everything.
That night I had to call my mother to come bring us some Gatorade and more children's Tylenol. Michael, myself, Aaliyah, and Madison ALL had fevers.
Eventually I got sick. But that was it.
Wed night through Thursday night was torture.
On and off again fevers with stomach pains and migraines are never fun.
Since Abby and Aaliyah were fine they spent the night at my moms house Friday night. That gave Abigail a little break from being our maid/nurse. lol
By Friday we started feeling a little like ourselves again. Aaliyah was already much better, Madison too. But the headache and tiredness took an extra day to wear off of Michael and I.
But we survived it. By the weekend we were back to 100% and ready to clean up the house that M&M had destroyed ;)
I do not wish that bug on anyone. I pray it will never find a way back into my house again. Ever.
We have named it, The Chattanoogan.
While I wish we had had more time to do some more stuff with the girls, sickness is something that you can never plan on. Everything happens for a reason, and I am sure there was a 'good' one in there somewhere ;)

I do look forward to taking girls back up one Saturday to go to the museum! It looks like alot of fun!

Its become tradition to have a full weeks schedule for Spring Break for the girls, this year it didn't quite work out the way I hoped. But they still had a lot of fun!! (Next year I'm def thinking BEACH)
Aquarium was awesome! And I am thankful to have had so much family time that week.
Even if we were all sick as dogs, we were sick together. And that is all that matters!

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  1. OMG! Your poor family :( I'm so sorry that your last day started/ended badly. Glad to know you're all feeling better now :)