Sunday, May 6, 2012

Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday was your traditional Easter! Wake up to Easter baskets the Easter bunny left, get all dressed up and go to church, go to my moms for a big Easter dinner and an Easter egg hunt!
Pictures tell a better story!

The Easter Bunny came....  And gave the girls all nick names!!
Abigail = The Diva
Aaliyah = The Princess
Maggie = Baby Love
Madison = Boss Lady
Sums up all of their personalities =o) Easter Bunny is so clever!

 Who doesn't love chocolate for breakfast??
 Abigail and Aaliyah all dressed up and ready for church!

 "The Diva"
 "The Princess"
 "Boss Lady"
 "Baby love"
 Getting a picture of everyone is like near impossible anymore!
 Michael snapped this right before we left, and its ended up being by far the most perfect picture!
 At church with my niece,  Aaliyah, Hannah, and Abigail!
 lol such little ladies!
 Me and my girls!!
 My sister Kathleen, her husband John (and our preacher!), and my niece Hannah!

 Pretty in purples!!
 My mom and my auntie Diane! You can tell they are sisters, huh?
 Aaliyah, still looking adorable!
 Getting Easter baskets from Nana!

 Looking for eggs!
 They did awesome this year! They were even helping each other out!

 "K mom, we are done"
 You just can't help smiling looking at them can you???
 My non-cooperative picture girls. Every time I pulled the camera out they ran!

 I tried. lol. It wouldn't be a normal day if someone didn't have a little tantrum!

 Nana and Maggie!
 My spoiled girls checking out their loot. 1/2 that candy mysteriously disappeared after bedtime!
 I so love my big family! I only wish Michael was able to have been there with us! Unfortunately Easter and most other holidays that fall on a Sunday Michael isn't able to be there for :(
Sunday is the beginning of his work week, and are the longest days for him! But I am praying that they will have a position for him on day shifts soon enough! Or that something bigger and better will come along his way! Seems like he misses so much! But we are grateful and VERY appreciative for his hard work. He takes care of us so well!
Even though this is a month late, I hope you all had had a wonderful Easter too!!

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