Sunday, May 27, 2012

April - May events!

A little of what we have been up to recently!!

April 20th marked Michael and I's anniversary!!
We celebrated with a night out together. First we had dinner at Bonefish. It was the first time I had ever eaten there, and it was delish!! Not really a fan of 'dark' restaurants. I get the whole romantic thing. However that gets kind of smashed when all the tables around you have kids with them!
However it was still enjoyable. At least none of the kids were mine ;)

After dinner we went out to (don't remember name) a bar to play pool.
For those who don't know, Michael is quite a big pool player. Actually how we met.
I worked at Sweetwater, and he came in with his cousins to play pool.
We first met the end of September, and started really talking on the phone by December, and casually dating. By April we were serious! And the rest is history.
4 years later. Here we are. Stronger and happier than ever ;)
So in honor of our original meeting place we stopped by Sweetwater for a couple games of pool.
But like normal, ran into too many people we knew, and did more talking than pool playing ;)
It's always nice to see old friends and familiar faces though.
The night was perfect! I love this man!

We have really been enjoying these HOT days too!! Great excuse to turn on the hose outside and be silly!! Until my mom gets her pool open at least!
I found that the hose and the trampoline make GREAT fun, and entertainment! 

May 2nd we started the big girls at Excel Gym. Aaliyah is doing gymnastics, and Abigail is doing a cheer/tumbling class with her friends, but switching to gymnastics next month!
Isn't Aaliyah adorable in her outfit!?
 They got WORKED OUT. Both had a warm up and cool down I am not sure even I could make it though! This is really exciting for me, I am glad they are being challenged and getting in some good exercise while having fun too!

 Day 1 and she already thinks she a pro ;)
 Abby being silly! "CHEEEESE"
 Not too shabby Abby!
 After day 1, check out those straight legs and pointed toes!! Awesome!
 Madison wanted to do a hand stand too, but needed a little assistance!
 Maggie getting ready to face plant herself. lol
 My big girls are growing up TOO fast for me! But I am SO proud of them!!

 My mother and all her babies!!
(Kathleen, My mom Margaret, Me, and Elizabeth!)
 Me and my mommy!!
 My mom and my oldest sister!
 Um hello!! Michael did good!! He took the girls shopping for me and they came home with all my favorites goodies! Makeup remover wipes, nail polish, lip gloss, flip flop holder, my fav gum, and..
 the best gift ever, A gift card AND APPOINTMENT to get my hair done!!
I was SO proud of Michael, he even made me an appt with my girl who has been doing my hair for about a year and half now!
Major brownie points earned!
 The girls also picked this out for me. We have been playing with them in the store since they came out. The girls knew I loved it!!
 My before getting hair done picture.
(don't have a good after pic yet, but Im working on it!)
 Me with my goodies!
As much as I love gifts, and the thoughts that are put into buying them, being a mom is a reward enough! There is no better job in the world!

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