Monday, May 7, 2012

Prayers needed!

So I am choosing to BLOG about this, only because my darling is not the biggest Facebook fan. lol. He hates when I put stuff about him on there. I'm pretty sure he doesn't look at my blog (so i think!) So I'm more safe posting this here.

About 3 weeks ago Michael hurt his back at work. He was out for a few days, has been to several doctor appts, and was put on light duty at work. Doctor says all his lower muscles are tightened up around his spine. He's been on muscle relaxers, anti-imflam., heating cream, heating pads, tape down his back, and tomorrow his 2nd physical therapy visit. They want to schedule an MRI as well to make sure there isn't anything more they can't see.

While he is feeling a little better, he is still not 100%. He has been under Workman's comp since the injury happened on the job. SO that means they are only paying him 60% of his pay for days missed. Its SO much better than nothing, but still is a huge difference! Light duty isn't always possible at his job, so he has pretty much still having to do his normal job. I hate it for him. I know his back is hurting and he is just trying to work through it. It is just kind of scary. Your back is not something you want to play around with!

So because I know so many of my friends on here are awesome religious women, I know I can count on y'all to please remember Michael in your prayers.
I am praying he is healed up quickly and able to continue normal life NOT in pain!
I know it may seem petty to some. And I realize there is SO much more important things to pray for.
However in my world, praying for a loved one in their time of need, isn't petty. It's important.
And I believe in the power of prayer! So if you believe in prayer, I would most greatly appreciate if you could remember my Michael in yours ;)
He is pretty important to us over here!

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