Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013, thus far

I have realized that my blog is usually pretty 'up to date' then I go like 3-4 months with nothing, and BAM there is a catch up blog. Well this is that BAM. Time to catch up!

2013 has been a pretty good year so far!
Everyone is happy, healthy, and complaints are small.
I mean I wish 40 lbs would like fall off over night, and we had the house of our dreams already. But you know- work in progress ;)

Where to start-
After Christmas my house is like a zoo. Literally. There is stuff everywhere, and spoiled children running around not knowing what to play with first. I have GOT to come up with a better system. We have kept buying to a minimum. Although I say that, then they end up getting like everything they ask for as well as new shoes/clothes and things they 'need'. The problem with this is we currently live in a 3 bedroom/2 bath house. One level. No basement. And a garage filled from floor up with our storage. We needed a new house like 2 years ago! So after the holidays we spend some time packing up old stuff, and making room for new stuff! The living room has once again become M&M's play room, and A&A's room is wall to wall.
Around Christmas Michael did a job change. Kind of by choice, kind of NOT a choice. :( Luckily he found a new job only a couple weeks after, meaning he was home for the whole week of the holidays! It was AWESOME! Like an unplanned vacation that I loved every minute of! Down side to this, because he switched jobs we now have to wait for an established amount of time on the job before going forth on a home purchase. BLAH.
On a lighter note, the month was also filled with some fun!
Aaliyah got to attend her very first concert, Justin Beiber. I would like to say it was torture. However I seriously enjoyed every second of it!
Check out my family during January-

February was a BIG month too!
I bought a new car!! I have had my old car, since Aaliyah was like 18 months! Like 5/6 years. It had 275k miles. Up until then it never gave me an issue, it was the best car! But its time came. PLUS anytime we went somewhere as a whole family, we had to take Michael's truck for us to fit! It was pass due time for me to have a new car.
I originally thought I would have to get a minivan. I mean hello! I have 4 kids! But I am  just not a minivan kind of girl! I looked and looked at them and they just weren't me!
After much research I fell in love with the Ford Flex. And now having it for over a month, I am still in love with it.
I had to drive up almost to the Tennessee border for it, but it was worth it! It was actually a very peaceful drive, and much needed quiet time!

That was definitely the highlight of the month for me! Valentine's day was pretty 'low key'.
We agreed after the big purchase, no silly gift buying. We just got the kids some goodies!

March has been quite a busier month! My Abigail turned 10- officially making me an old woman! lol
There is so many pictures of that, I am going to save it for a separate blog!


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