Sunday, March 31, 2013

Abigail's 10th Birthday

This year Abby's birthday was a little tough for me. Turning TEN, meant a few things. #1 she is in double digits. #2 middle school is not far away #3 I am old.
At work I talk alot about my family, often I am asked my kids ages. Saying my oldest is 10- hurts every time it comes out of my mouth! I mean I know I was a little young when I had her, but its not like I want to explain that to every stranger. "My oldest is 10, but I am not in my 30's, I just started at a young age"- Yeah, NO. I will pass. So now everyone whom I tell I have a 10 yr old will probably automatically assume I am in my 30's. Oh well, right?
Anyway! She was very excited about being 10. She now has a 2 year count down to when I let her have a phone ;)
The day before her birthday we did a little prepping. Per my tradition I took the birthday girl out for a pedicure and manicure with me! We do this every year. :)

    Late night before her birthday! She wanted her hair straightened for the big day! Bye my 9 yr old!

The day of her birthday was a school day. I decorate the dining room every night before a birthday. Makes it extra special I think! Abby woke up at the crack of dawn. Conveniently 2 minutes before she was born at 6:34am.
When she got home from school we all went out to eat for her day. Traditionally Michael and I always take the birthday girl out to eat by herself, at the restaurant of their choice. But this year we literally did not have the time to do that. And Abby wanted Kani House (my fav!) So it was the perfect spot for a big family dinner! Dinner went great! It was M&M's first time and they enjoyed it!
It was SO yummy!!!

Abby has been wanting a real skateboard with her name airbrushed on the back for a while now!
She was super stoked to finally get it!



Her birthday DAY loot!

This year she wanted to originally have a sleepover with all her cheerleader friends. It didn't quite work out like originally planned, but it worked out to be PERFECT. No one actually stayed the night, but girls had a blast, and once everyone left we pretty much just went to bed!
We had the party at my aunt's house, who has much more room than we do. It is the most perfect 'party' house. She has a room upstairs like a loft. Girls were practically partying up their all night!

                                                    Friendship bracelet making station!
                                                 Makeup, tattoos, jewelry, scarfs.... dress up!

THE cake.
 Sassy girls!
 Abby and her BFF's!


 I made all the girls face mask with their names on it, with a box of goodies!
 Abby liked hers!
So yep. Its official. I am a mom to the most awesome 10 year old ever ;)
Who is also on the Honor Roll this 9 weeks!

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