Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter 2013

It's kind of weird posting the same thing on here as I do on Facebook, its almost like 'Whats the point?" But I am trying to keep the blog some what up to date!! Sorry to my facebook followers, I know these pictures are nothing new!

Easter was really exciting this year to me. #1 because of Michael's job he is able to join us for Church every Sunday, and finally on an Easter Sunday. We have missed him the last 2 years!
#2- my girls are old enough to really understand the meaning of Easter, and I love talking to the big girls about it. They are really interested and ask good questions about our religion. I really love those conversations. AND then of course #3- every year I do a 'theme' in our new Easter outfits. Since I was a kid, Easter you always got a new dress and new white shoes. I continue that tradition and I love it! Past years I always say I am going to buy for ME first, and then let everyone else match me. I am by far the most pickiest and hardest to buy for. And every year it never goes as planned. lol. This year it actually worked out though. I was in Old Navy when I saw white, yellow and navy dresses for M&M and instantly fell in love. Knew then a month in advance that they would be our colors. I got lucky ordering online M&M and Aaliyah's dresses. Their sizes are pretty simple. Abby walked into Aeropostale one day shopping and found a navy dress, last dress of its kind, and luckily it fit perfect! And we weren't even looking for it then! Michael's outfit took 15 min in Kohl's. *Shopping for men is SO much easier!* My outfit wasn't that easy- but it wasn't too hard. Dress Barn was pretty successful, 2 trips, but worth it!

So the Saturday before Easter we did our Easter egg coloring. That's pretty traditional too. This year was much more fun, M&M are at awesome ages for these things!

 The Easter bunny stopped by that night too!!
Sunday mornings are pretty much the same every week. My sister picks up Abigail and Aaliyah on their way to church for Sunday school. Then Michael, myself and M&M get ready and go to Church. This works out perfect. Have any idea how difficult it is to get 6 people ready in the morning, 5 of them girls!!! lol 2 bathrooms but only 1 shower. It has to be done on schedule, or will not work, believe me, I've tried!
Easter morning the girls got up to see their goodies! I made a very simple breakfast, cinnamon rolls, since I knew we were having a big dinner later.
 The big girls had been eyeing these baskets for weeks!! Easter bunny sure is a smart cookie ;)

 Loving on their new bunnies!
Now time to get ready! Everything ironed and ready :)
Up first Abigail-
then Aaliyah-

Off to Church they go!

Next up Madison-
 And.. Maggie wasn't feeling the picture taking. lol

 ... but I good one of her later in the day :)
I always take a picture by our Church sign after Church. This year it was a little difficult as the sun was in our face, and Madison wasn't feeling the picture taking.

After church we came home so I could pop my ham in the oven, start the mac and cheese in the crock pot and get my green beans going :) While that was in progress we set up the tripod and snapped a few family shots :) My favorite!

 I absolutely adore this picture!
Girls weren't so into the picture taking because they were 'patiently' waiting to go to Nana's house for their Easter egg hunt. She has done this every year. We hide like 60 eggs out in the back yard and the girls 'find' them. Not like they are really hid that much! Next year, since M&M will be a little older I am going to do more HIDING and less tossing in the grass ;)
So when we got to Nana's house, the excitement of the egg hunt was perfect pictures!!

Time to get some goodies!!

Between, the Easter Bunny, Nana, Aunt Diane, Aunt Kat, Church, and Easter egg hunting... girls racked up serious goodies, and candy, and money! (Candy mysteriously disappears in this house, alot!)

Me with my Momma!

 And my Momma with her sister, my Aunt Diane!

See that awesome tie?? Well the deal with Michael was he would wear the Blue and Yellow (which he is NOT a fan of bc they are Michigan colors, and he is a Michigan State fan lol MEN) only if I could tie his tie like this. It is called the Eldridge Tie Knot. Thank you Pinterest for step by step directions. I think it looked awesome! And he sure did look good in that blue ;)


Hope you all had an awesome Easter too!!!

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