Monday, May 20, 2013

4/20 Our special day!!

When Michael and I first met we kind of did the whole cat and mouse game for a little while before we exchanged numbers. We then talked, alot, and dated a bit before we actually said- OK what are we doing here, we know really like each other lets make it official. Well that day was April 20th, 2008. And I would give anything to go back and do it a day earlier to avoid having a 4/20 date!! lol Just kidding. I like that 4/20 is our special day and we spend it celebrating our love, and thankful we don't celebrate it for any other reason ;)
For the past few years we have always talked about going horse back riding and well, never got around to it! Michael is a very spontaneous person. And so literally a few days before our day he suggests we go do it. I went online and found a perfect place just outside of Helen, GA. It is called the Sunburst Stables. I called them up and we went ahead and made a reservation!!
It couldn't have worked out any more perfect, kind of, other than the fact that is 'almost' didn't happen at all!
This was an interesting week in my house already. Michael decided to be Superman and try to pull off working TWO FULL TIME jobs. Which he did awesome at. And hats off to him, I would not have made it the 8-10 days that he managed it. But with the lack of sleep, the poor thing caught a cold. He ended up having to work that Friday Day, Friday Night, and Saturday morning. And then go horseback riding Saturday afternoon. Um. Anyone else see this as a problem?? lol
I told him 100 times it was perfectly fine to do it the next weekend and we could just go to dinner or something. On top of being tired, he had a low grade fever and was feeling blah!
Also I had a job that morning and then had Abigail's cheerleading uniform fitting/ordering to go to right after. We didn't get back until close to 12:30! And our appt was at 3:00- 2 hours away!! Talk about pushing it!
But he insisted. And well there really isn't any changing the mans mind once it is made up!
Luckily, Abigail and Aaliyah were already had plans to spend the night out that Saturday night, and my mom agreed to Maggie and Madison spending the night with them. So everyone was taken care of. So I medicined him up, he grabbed a pillow to nap on the way up and off we went!

The place was very easy to find. In a beautiful location! Micheal slept the whole was up, and while I would have loved his company, I am SO glad he got some rest, and personally I enjoyed the quiet ride through the mountains!
We arrived 5 minutes before our time :) And it might or might not be because I haled butt down 985. I mean that ride up to Helen is so awesome. Just long stretches of road- lots of trees- and a view of the mountains! Michael woke up feeling much better!! SWEET!
The only thing we didn't, well I didn't think of was EATING. lol I hadn't had anything since like 8am, and it was now 3! And we were about to get on a horse for an hour and a half!
Oh well. Gum worked.

I was really nervous at first. Last time I was on a horse I was like 10. But it wasn't as bad as I imagined. There was another couple on the trail with us and our guides. They took us up the mountain, over a road, to see an old still, and some farm animals. Then we came back down the mountain. In between on the road part we did a little 'trotting'. Holy crap. Was not prepared for that. They didn't tell us to stand up a little and my booty was literally popping off the saddle, hard. lol
And thank goodness it was a little chilly outside and I had my hoodie on, bc- I about fell out of the shirt I had on underneath, if you know what I mean!

It was SO much fun though! We are already planning another visit, next time with the girls!

After were finished with the horses, and slightly sore, we headed into the town of Helen for dinner.
we were SO hungry. We went to the steakhouse on the river. We were adventurous and ordered frog legs for an appetizer. :-/ I wasn't too sure about this.

They ended up being delicious! Looked like chicken legs, and tasted similar to catfish!
Michael had ribs. baked potato and a salad, and I had Salmon, baked potato, and a salad. Tore it up!
It was so good!!

After dinner we walked a little through the town of Helen. Stopped at the Hansel and Gretel shop for some desserts to take home.

The weather was beautiful and it was the most perfect afternoon/evening.
We had originally thought about getting a cabin and staying the night. But we really wanted to go to church that Sunday (first time kid less!!) we decided to head on home.

Although we have 'only' been together 5 years, and have known each other a little under 6 years. I cannot imagine life without him. I don't ever want to know what life would be like without him.
He definitely completes me and our family. I love him more and more each day.
I can't wait to finally get to change my last name!!  

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