Thursday, June 27, 2013

Aaliyah turns 8!

June 23rd my Aaliyah Raye turned 8. I am really not liking this 'kids getting older' thing! I am though really glad that all my accidentally on purpose children (lol) ended up with birthdays spread out across the year. March, June and October. Perfect!
Every year when it starts getting close to Aaliyah's birthday, we start discussing what kind of party she wants to have. This year we started with a painting party, until I calculated a $350 price tag on that party. Not my style! Luckily Aaliyah changed her mind before I had the chance to change it for her! Next was a skating party. Then she tells me that she really would like to have a pool party, again. We have been doing a pool party for her since she turned 4! So we decided no need to break tradition when the girl wants a pool party anyway :)
We have also been blessed with really great weather for her birthdays! She was just born the most perfect time of year!
Usually I would have research themed, ordered supplies and decorations online, and probably stressed a bit well before her party. Not this year!
With my work schedule this year, it was almost impossible to do what I have normally done in the past for parties. But this year was SO much more fun for Aaliyah because I pretty much let her plan it!
We did nothing in advance but help my mom do yard work and set up for the party. The party was on Saturday June 22nd. We went to Sam' s the Thurs before that and Aaliyah picked out her cupcakes and we ordered them, we went to party city and Aaliyah picked out her balloon colors to order, and some decorations too. And then we went to the girls new favorite store Five Below and Aaliyah picked out all the rest of party supplies and decorations :)
Now to be honest I totally think it was more expensive just going to stores and picking out all the stuff. Usually I find awesome deals online, and decorations and party supplies aren't nearly as much as I ended up dishing out. But it was worth the stress-free feeling for sure!! Plus Aaliyah was really happy to do everything the way she wanted! She did pretty awesome!
When it came to food- I asked Aaliyah what she wanted. Sandwiches, pizza, or hot dogs.
She chose hot dogs! Super simple! I didn't go nuts with the food this year either. Hot dogs, with all their toppings and condiments, two kinds of chips and dip, pickles, fruit salad and grapes. BAM. Easy, yummy, and E A S Y! My favorite word!
While I do usually enjoy the party planning, I really enjoyed how simply done and non-stressful this party was. Everyone had fun and I wasn't running around crazy :)
It was great seeing our friends and family, and Aaliyah had the best time!

OH yeah we got our traditional pedicures the Friday before, Aaliyah's were SO cute, she had a whale on her toe!

Aaliyah's actually birthday was Sunday the 23rd.
She woke up with a smile as usual!
After church we invited the family to brunch. My job has brunch every Sunday, and Aaliyah has been dying to go! It was really nice! My mom, aunt, sisters, bro-in-law, niece all joined us.


After Brunch we enjoyed each other at home! Aaliyah got to finally open presents from us!!
And then Michael took her for a ride down our street and back on the 4-wheeler. I am sure our neighbors just loved that ;) Its safe to say Aaliyah had an awesome birthday weekend!!

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