Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sweet Summertime!

Remember being a kid and waiting for that last day of school? Daydreaming everyday about what you will be doing over the summer. Feeling like the day would never get there. And then before you know it, summer is here. Sleeping in late, staying up late, swimming, beach trips, sleepovers, camps, VBS, skating, park trips, just having fun becomes your daily routine.
Well I'd say my girls had a pretty awesome summer!!!
Its funny how it seems we wait so long for something, and then it arrives and before you know it, it is over!
Hard to believe as of yesterday, it was over.
I now have a 5th grader, 3rd grader, and two little ones with only 1 year left before they start school. What? Time travels so quickly.
So here is a look back at the wonderful summer we had!!
*Warning- this is a total photo dump*

Girls last day of school!

Someone finished with straight A's!
A little picnic in the park!

Nothing says summer like a good water fight!
 M&M staying occupied with play-doh
 While big sissy's help Mom out with some chores
Gotta have some fun in the pool!
 Aaliyah's birthday party!
You got to have a few FroYo dates :) 
Maggie and Madison showing off their styles!

 Mommy and Big girls shopping date!
 A new outfit makes them super happy!
 We saw a rainbow!
 What kid doesn't like to eat something that turns your tongue this?
lol Goggles anyone?
 We found a new playground that we LOVE!

 Car Party!
 Ice Cream truck!!!

 4th of July!

 Rain did not ruin our cookout! Just the traditional pool party :(
4th of July parade!

 We saw another Rainbow!
 Speaking of RAIN. It was kind of the theme this summer.
Another day at the park!
 And ice cream!
 Family dinner at Mary Mac's!

Love this picture of us! My family rocks!
 I got a new do. Little blond :)
 More shopping with mom!
 Beach prep shopping!
Maggie and Madison had their first birthday party to attend!

 Turned into fairies!
Ready with their boards!
 We ate at Bubba's Seafood house

 Ice Cream at the beach!

 Collecting shells..
 Saying good-bye to the beach...
 A little lunch fun!
 Steak & Shake
 Abby started Cheer leading camp

 Go girls!!
 Abby's team- 10 yr old Archer Tigers!
 Abby is a Tiger :)
 Some more park fun!
 Enjoying our last 'moms day off' with all of us!
 And ice cream after :)
 Celebrated Daddy's 29th birthday- Kani House.
 Last day of summer arrived...
 First day of school started!!
 Miss 5th Grade and Miss 3rd Grade


  1. Love it love it! Great story with pictures. U know i am all about the pictures!!