Monday, September 8, 2014

Do I have time to blog?

Hello Blog world. 
I have missed you! 

I have to say this is not another- "Oh I have been absent 3 months here is whats new" kind of post. Because I have been absent for like a year now! lol And it is also not another photo dump. That will come later.

I often wish Facebook had the option to turn your post into a 'blog book'! Actually I think I might send a message to them about that. I sometimes feel like blogging isn't necessary because all of you who read my Facebook are probably also the same ones reading my blog! 
But I do still like having this to update more on. Obviously I am not writing everything on Facebook, am I? 

So for the last month I have been debating whether or not I should start blogging again. And honestly I don't know if I really do have time for it or not. So I will apologize in advance. I might not blog weekly- I might only blog events or holidays. But I do intend to blog :) I really think it is therapeutic, and now that all my children are in school there is no reason I can't find 30 min a week! 

Wait did I just say ALL my children are in school? Yes, yes I did. All 4. In school. Every. Day. I will be totally honest with you, it's awesome. I am loving be able to clean, do laundry, dinner prep, grocery shop, run all my errands, do my cleaning jobs and whatever else I have to do during the day- without children. When they come home from school they are all so happy to see me. I can actually sit down with them and help with homework, read books, play play-doh, build trains, paint their nails, all the things I usually am too busy to really take time and enjoy. I feel so much more stress free in the evenings than ever before. While we still look forward to bedtime, I am not looking at the clock wishing hours away until I can relax. I am relaxed, with my babies. Who are not such babies anymore btw! 
We have managed to keep a really awesome schedule daily with all the kids. And  it makes me feel so freaking awesome that school has been in for over a month, and I have woke up on time every day. And by on time I mean nobody was late for school :) I know that sounds like a complete 20 year old mom who isn't used to the routine. That's ok. I will accept the fact that in the many many years I have been getting kids ready for school in the morning, it is not any easier, especially this year when we have added 2 more to the mix and they all are going to 3 different schools at 3 different times!
I am never going to be a wake up like Cinderella type of mom. Although I can rock 10am like a rockstar!

So here is a taste of my day. I'm sharing this mainly because in 5 years I'd like to remember these days! 

5:55- Michael leaves for work. 
6:00- Wake up alarm #1
6:05- Wake up alarm #2
6:10- Wake up alarm #3
6:15- I'm awake. 
6:30- Wake Aaliyah up. 
         She showers and gets ready for the day. 
6:45- I make her lunch (if she is taking) sign folders, etc.
7:00- Wake Maggie and Madison up. (if they aren't awake already)
7:15- Aaliyah leaves for bus stop. 
         We wave to bus
7:20- M&M brush teeth, get dressed and ready for the day! 
7:35- I tackle the hair-dos
7:45- We grab breakfast snacks and milk for the car
          Wake Abigail up to get in shower and ready for the day.
7:50- Leave to take M&M to school 
8:00- Maggie's class starts 1st
8:15- Madison's class opens door
8:20- On the road back home
8:30- Home. Abigail finishes getting ready. 
8:35- Abby leaves for bus
8:45- We leave to take Abby to school 

Kids are in school. 
Lately I have been blessed with a couple new cleaning jobs (houses). So I usually schedule them during the week at 9am. 
While it seems, even typing this, that I have a lot of free time during the day, 
I don't. 
I am busy every day. 
I haven't napped once, and I haven't even got a pedicure yet! 
I am not sure how I managed anything with kids home bc I literally have a full day everyday with them in school!

2:30- I leave to pick up M&M
2:45- Maggie gets out of class
3:00- Madison gets out of class
3:15- We get home just in time for 
          Aaliyah getting off the bus
3:20- Snack time
          Change into play clothes
3:30- Homework time for Aaliyah
          Misc. for M&M usually outside time.  
          During this time I am usually all theirs. Checking folders, playing, helping
          with homework. etc.
4:40- Abigail gets off bus
          She does Homework. Usually not much. 
4:45-5:45- Somewhere in here Michael gets home from Work.
5:30- I start dinner. 
6:00ish- Kids clean up or come inside to wash up for dinner
6:30- Dinner 

-after dinner the schedule changes daily- here is basic version- 

7:30- M&M bath time
          Brush teeth in pj's 
8:00- Tv time
8:30- M&M bedtime 
          Aaliyah brushes teeth and in pj's
          Aaliyah's TV/ipod time
9:00- Aaliyah's bedtime 
          Abby gets ready for bed
          ipod time (with ear phones) 
9:30 Abigail's Bedtime. 
10:30ish - Mommy and Daddy's bedtime. 

-complex version- 

7:00 - I leave with Abby to Cheerleading practice
            Michael continues the rest of schedule while I am gone
7:15- drop her off and head to a short cleaning job (business) 
8:45- Arrive back at field to pick her up 
9:00- Practice ends and head home 
9:30ish- Get home 
                Abby gets relaxed and ready for bed
10:00- Abigail's bedtime. 

Tuesday and Thursday- 
Abigail has same schedule. Cheer practice 7:30-9pm
I clean every other Tuesday night (in between practice) and I have 2 jobs on Thursday night.
Thursdays Michael drops her off or she gets to go with a friend, and a friend
brings her home.  (We are also blessed with awesome friends in our Cheer world!)

Friday- I have two cleaning jobs as well so Michael gets a girls night :) 
              usually pizza is involved :) 

Saturday- We have a Football game for Abby. 

Sunday- Church. 

Monday- we do it again. 

I am tired now. lol. Some days are crazy. Some days are sane. Wednesdays are my favorite. I never have jobs on Wednesdays or practice! I enjoy cooking something special that night and getting extra girl time in!

Michael and I really do make the best team. What I can't do- he does. And he does it right. 
On nights when I have to clean and I come home late, the house is always tidy and dishes are done. Girls do their chores and are in bed sound asleep. He is definitely a keeper! 

Having 4 girls in the house at such different ages is not always the easiest. Actually it isn't easy at all. Abigail is in a pre-teen era, and we all remember those days right? She seriously tries on 20 outfits every day before its perfect. Aaliyah is really finding herself now that Abby has moved on to Middle School. Aaliyah is blossoming more and more every day. Being the middle child to an older sister who is so outgoing and twin little sisters who get so much attention, isn't easy. She is a country sweet heart to the core, and makes me proud daily! She is a Mommy's girl, Nana's girl, aunts girl, she loves everyone! M&M have completely changed since starting school. They are so excited to learn and are so proud of everything they learn to do. Their individual personalities have blossomed! They became little 'big' girls over night. 

I will talk more about everyone individually later. 

As I sit here today listening to Trigger (our dog) bark through the windows at the cats, and I drink my coffee, that's now cold. I can't help but feel truly blessed. There is so much in my life to be thankful for. I am truly happy. 

Life is good.

I love a good E-card!




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