Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter and Abby's doc appt!

I am a little behind, yet again. Shocker, huh?

Easter Sunday was a great day!! We all got up, checked out the Easter goodies, got ready for church in our new pretty matching dresses and headed to my bro-in-laws church to meet the family.

While I love going to church, let me tell you how much MORE fun it is to be chasing after 2 18 month olds the whole time. Not so much! But never the less, still worth the trip! After church we went back to my Mother's house. Easter also happened to be my Aunt Diane's birthday, so we had a little surprise birthday celebration as well as Sunday dinner!
While my mother lit the grill and started cooking, I hid about 100 easter eggs filled with goodies/candy/money all over her back yard (bout 1/2 acre, that was fun!)
Then ready, set, go!! Kids couldn't wait, so the egg hunt went on before we ate!!
Maggie and Madison did surprisingly very well! After being showed once they got the idea and started looking and picking them up by themselves!! Abby and Lele were long gone, searching everywhere!!
Here are a few photos of the fun!

(BTW blondie is my niece Hannah!!)

After dinner and birthday fun, Michael had to go to work (boo!) So the girls and I headed over to some more family's house to visit, and luckily I FINALLY got a chance to shoot a few pictures!! Here they are!!

All in all the girls had a great day, lots of fun, good food, and time with family!

Abby's Doc appt update-
SO since my last post, when I was waiting to hear back from endocrinologist about getting Abby an appt, after a few cat and mouse chase on the phone, I finally heard back the week of Easter. They wanted to see her  May 5th!! ONE a good thing because I did not want to wait until June! but TWO a scary thing that they were fitting her in so soon, made me afraid they thought something was wrong!!
As May 5th rolled around, and I prayed more than I probably ever have in my life. My nerves were shot. Me being ME hid it very well. I don't think no one quite knew just how freaked out I was!
Appt was at 8, we had to arrive by 7:45, so we left the house and 6:30. After making a pit stop for coffee for me, and a bagel and juice for Abby, we headed on 85-285-to beside Northside Hospital. Traffic was definitely on my side, we arrived there at 7:20! I was pretty calm seeing that Abby and I had just sang our hearts out the whole way there and were having a really good time! lol. We didn't have to wait too long until they called us back.
After waiting what seemed like forever for the doc to come in, that is when all nerved came back! Abby was as calm as could be, no worries and just as happy as possible!! I love that about her!

After several 5,869 questions, and discussions, a check out of the body and breast exam (eeek) we discovered 2 things. 1- it is obvious her body is changing, puberty signs are very noticeable, underarm hair, pubic hair and so forth 2- her breast ARENT breast at all!! NO breast buds, just fatty tissue!! This being very good news to me! After being told she could start her period any day now. You start your period roughly TWO years AFTER the breast bud, and seeing that she doesn't have it yet means, I have at least 2 more years!!! WOO HOO!!!! That was just the first set of good news!
Then after a review of family history, blood work, and hormone levels, he came up with this.
She is not a diabetic, and has NO symptoms of anything near it. Her thyroid levels are fine, nothing to be concerned with there. Her hormone levels are somewhat normal, nothing to be worried about. BUT before a girl starts puberty two hormones begin to work. One (can't remember name) sends the signal from brain to body that starts the growth of hair, creates body odor, weight gain, and so forth. And then the other hormone is that of the Estrogen family which sends the signal to body to create the breast buds and for the ovaries to start working and producing eggs. When that hormone starts about 2 years later you start your period. Well luckily that one hasNOT started! But the 1st one has. Doc said this is very normal. It is nothing to worry about right now. Once the other hormone begins its process they will all equal out fine.
SO that explained all the symptoms I had worried about! 2nd issue. The weight gain. Abby just turning 8 should be in the 75-80lb range. She is 100. Doctor said nothing at all to worry about, but it would be smart to meet with the dietricion and make sure her eating habits are ok. Also she could give me some ideas and pointers on how to prevent her from gaining anymore until she begins to grow some more. They didn't want to say the word diet around her, b.c that is just nuts. But it isn't a bad idea to start trying a little harder with eating better. WELL WELL WELL. After writing down a weeks worth of food I cook at home, her snacks at home, dinners and drinks, she says I am actually doing a pretty good job. Not much to change except portion sizes. HOWEVER when we asked Abigail what she eats at school, it was a different story.
The few times I have ate with Abby she gets a water, and apples as her side. Well apparently that is just to be good in front of mommy b/c she told this lady a whole different story. She is drinking 2-3 chocolate milks a day! She doesn't even drink them at home!! So lady had a little talk with her about choosing the right things  too. Now we are working together to eat more healthy!!
So basically, nothing wrong. Just a little spike in hormones causing some chain reactions. Nothing to worry about! Whew. Thank you Jesus! We will be going back though every 4 months to keep a close eye on the hormone levels!!
So Thank you to everyone who thought about us, and prayed for her!! It could have been much worse but luckily wasn't! And I basically got a free diet class out of it with some good ideas for healthy snacks and meals! Score!!!

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