Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was very low key! Just the way I like it!! I had already got my big gift the weekend before (new gas grill!!) so I really wasn't expecting much!
The day started with me waking up sick. Not really sick but with a headache and a lump in my throat. Could feel it coming on :(  Never the less, we still got ready and went to church! My bro-in-law preached a really nice service and half way through it my throat quit hurting!!
After the service and prayers, the church gives a flower to the 'oldest' mom in the church, the 'youngest' mom in the church, and the mom with the most children. I kind of figured I was the youngest mother in the church, I usually win that one every year!! As I go up to get the flower, she mentions that I win the one for most children too!! LOL Can you believe that! Out of all women in the church I had the most children, and was the youngest!! (*blessed*) But we decided instead of me winning both flowers we would give one to my sister for having the least amount of children (1). And since she is preachers wife I think she deserved one!!
After church the original plan was to go out to eat with my mom and aunt. WELL I didn't realize how CRAZY busy restaurants are on Mother's Day! Makes sense though, what momma wants to cook on their day? So we decided to grab some dinner and take it back to my moms for lunch. It was nice, and quiet!
I got my mom a ton of goodies, and I was looking forward to giving to her!!
Gardening bag filled with garden tools, mat, and gloves, the foot scrub brush thingy from "as seen on tv" for the shower, the sticker decals for her car of all her grandkids, her fav bath wash and a new sponge, and a bottle of Kahlua! She is NOT a drinker, but enjoys a white russian every now and then! She loved everything!! And in return she got me the hanging plant stand with a new plant from the girls to give to me!! I love my mom! Michael got me some more little goodies too! He is really good with thoughtful gifts that he know I will use. WELL this was no different. One of my goodies was Neutrogenamakeup remover wipes, for waterproof makeup too. At first I was like really? BUT then I used them, and of course I will be using them from now on!! They are awesome! Before I used Jergens face cream and a facecloth to get eye makeup off, these wipe it right off, and don't stain any towels!! Sweet!
But anyway- after my moms, Michael went to work and about 6:30 the girls and I decided we wanted ice cream. SO we went to brusters, got a ice cream cone, went to the park, and decided on a walk. Abby and Lele packed their skateboards and scooters! They talked me into going on the long trail b/c it had more hills to go down. I said sure, after all I just ate ice cream and needed to burn off the calories.
I made 3 not so smart moves, #1 I was wearing flip flops, #2 I brought babies their wagon and not stroller, so I had a pull rather than push the whole time #3 I didn't bring ribbon to tie their teddy babies onto them!!! After almost completing the WHOLE trail.. at least 1 - 1 1/2 miles, we realized Madison did not have her teddy. Teddy is  HUGE thing in the house. Maggies is pink and Madison is green. We cannot leave house with out them, they cannot play with out them, absolutely NO sleep without them, they are their world. And one was missing.
We turned around and walked back hoping to find him! We walked, and walked and walked. The girls were tired, I was beyond tired, M&M no longer wanted to ride so they were walking too at this point. We walked and walked some more. No teddy. It was starting to get dark and almost 8pm, so we just kept on the path that we came on. THEN we passed a lady who informed us she found the teddy and set it on the bench at beginning of trail. BEGINNING. I was about 3 minutes from it when we turned around to go back to look for it!!! ERRRR. But we found the teddy!! We all got good exercise, and once home and clean, everyone fell straight asleep!!
It was a pretty great day =o)
I am going to post pictures, keep in mind, I did not feel good in most of these.. and I look horrible :(

..and huge.

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