Monday, May 16, 2011

Last weeks BUSY week, more pictures!

So I wrote this out on the 10th, and forgot to post it!! Oops.. instead of it being last week, it's actually the week before! Too much work to go through and change everything!!

So I figure while I was on a role, I would keep up with the updates!!
The last week was pretty busy!! Tuesday was M&M 18 month check up! Wed morning was the girls Donuts with Mom at school (6:45a) Thursday was Abigail's doc appt (again up at 5:30a), Friday I had a hair appt! and we had Relay for Life!, Sat was pretty relaxed, Sunday was Mother's Day!
So to start with, I originally woke up at 5:30 on Tuesday got girls ready and went to their school thinking it was the day for donuts with Mom. Well I was wrong. 6:45a, 2 cars in parking lot. SO we went to McDonald's for pancakes for bfast! (this was before the doc appt!!) After girls went to school I went home to get Michael up and M&M up and ready for their doc appt! It went great, both received their last set of shots before they go to school when 4! And they measure as follows, Maggie 23lb 7oz and 33inch long! Madison 23lb 2 oz and 32 1/2 inch long! Maggie has been 1/2 inch taller than Madison their whole life!! I guess she is the 'big' sissy! Of course they are perfect. Everything was fine and dandy! Except while dealing with getting Abby to eat better, I now have to encourage M&M to eat more!! They are border line under weight!! LOL go figure! I guess Aaliyah equals out in the middle being perfect?? My kids are SO different it is so interesting. SO after getting shots, Mommy took M&M to the park for some fun before nap time! Pics below!!
Wednesday was the actual day of the mom event, or whatever you would like to call it. We sat in cafeteria, had a donut and really bad orange juice! lol. But girls always love when I come to their school, so it was worth it! But I didn't get a picture :( oops. Sorry. But believe me, 6:45a you didn't want to see my no make up face!
Thursday, another 5:30amer (this time with makeup!) was Abby's doc appt (see previous post)
Then there is good ol' Friday. Friday was my hair appt. I decided to do a change and have my hair done auburn. WELL as of right now it is more like dark burgundy!! She says it will lighten up after a few washes! I hope so!! I don't want to say that I don't like it, but I kind of miss the highlighted brown hair I had before!! But oh well. It is just hair, in another 2 months we can change it back if I want to! A change is always good now and then. Michael likes it, so I guess that is all that matters ;)
Friday night was Relay for Life. My sister organizes the tent event for Gwinnett Federal Credit Union. (where she works) Every year we join them. If you have never been to the Gwinnett Co. Relay for Life, you MUST go next year, It is a fabulous event for such a good cause! It worked out great because my job was right beside where my sister was! Gary (Gary Martin Hayes & Associates) of Gary's Bistro hosted some of the desserts for the survivors meals! He also provided dance music my kids enjoyed very much so!! Michael , who had been sick, was able to come along, and we had a really great time!! I love being able to spend time together as a family!! Unfortunately it always seems like one person is missing here and there.
Saturday, nothing interesting to talk about. It was relaxed filled with a little cleaning and preparing for Sunday.
Here are the pictures captured!!

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