Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I love this time of the year! Leaves changing colors, and falling on the ground. Actually I am not so sure I like the part when they fall on ground. That just means they get tracked in the house and I have to vacuum 3x as much! haha.. but they are pretty!!
It has been getting pretty cold here in GA. The last 2 nights I wanted to light the pumpkins for a cool picture and the wind wasn't very friendly!! But I think I finally captured it!
This year instead of getting a pumpkin from the patch, we went to Walmart first and scored 4 pumpkins for the price of 1 at the patch! That way when we went to the pumpkin patch it would be more for fun!!
Fun it was!!
We go to the same place every year, Randy's Pumpkin Patch. Its on the corner of 29 and Sugarloaf. My girls love getting to pet the bunnies so its become tradition!
It was cold that morning, but then turned out to be the most perfect day!!
 My crew fits perfectly!

After pumpkin patch fun we went back home to make caramel apples.
I cheated and bought the caramel that just lays over the apple and you bake for a few minutes. WONT do that again. Girls made them in like 5 seconds so it wasn't very fun, plus they said they didn't taste very good either. FAIL. We do have stuff to make real candy apples next though, maybe those will turn out to be funner and yummier ;)

We ended up not carving our pumpkins until this past week. I didn't want them to be ruined before Halloween. So on a Wed night (which is our only free night after Gymnastics) I let A and A carve their pumpkins! They chose their pattern and I helped poke all the million holes, then they carved it. (with a little help from me)

They had SO much fun! I am not a pumpkin carver. It is kind of gross and TOO much work. Not that I am lazy, it just doesn't interest me AT ALL. So I am glad Abby likes doing all the gross part!
We opted NOT to carve M and M's pumpkins. They were kind of little and I thought they would have more fun painting them. Its not like they would be able to actually do any of the carving anyway. No fun! They had a blast painting them!

Maggie and Madison standing with their masterpieces before Church on Sunday.

Girls are SO ready for Wednesday!!! Costumes are all ready to go! We have a whole afternoon planned! Its going to be SO much fun!!!
I will have a Catwoman (Abigail) a Cowgirl (Aaliyah)
Minnie Mouse (Madison) and Cinderella (Maggie)
Hope you all have a great halloween!!!
Pumpkins before...

Pumpkins after....
(and the outside of our house!)

 Abigail's- she lost the C in Wicked. But it still works :)
 Aaliyah's- she did most of this herself so I was impressed!







  1. I can't wait to start traditions with Persephone. I didn't bother this year since she's so small, going to a pumpkin patch would have been for my own selfish needs lol. By the way your girls are sooo beautiful ;)

  2. I love this page that you have created!! I wanted to ask if you could put up any pictures you had from Randy's Pumpkin Patch. He has a new facebook page and would love to get it off and running for next year. Thanks so much for coming out and supporting us!!!