Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween fun!!

This year we did Halloween a little different.
Michael normally tries to take the night off work, but wasn't able to this year.
So instead my mother, who works WAY too much, had some extra time to use up- so she took the day off! Actually she took 3 days off, but who is counting, she deserves it!
I had to work that morning, but before I left I cutified the twins in their non-costume Halloween gear!
I got home about 3, the big girls got off the bus about 3:15.
We packed up everything needed for the night and headed over to my moms house!
She had decorated the house very well!! They normally don't so anything for Halloween since my mom doesn't get home from work till 8pm sometimes. This year I think they were more than ready for some fun!
This is what we arrived to!

As you might be able to tell, we made pizzas for dinner!
My moms idea, and it was a good one. Like literally they were delicious!
And the names were also ALL her idea, I didn't even know about it!
I was proud, as it is something I would have totally done!

After eating we did a little photo shoot before time to get in costumes!!

 Some were more cooperative than others. lol

Love it!!!
I imagined getting 4 ready for Halloween would have taken a little bit longer than it actually did. I keep forgetting Abigail and Aaliyah are older now and don't really need my help for much!
This was the first year we didn't do a trial run before the big day. Just to make sure everything looked and fit ok. I was just too busy. I didn't actually remember UNTIL we were getting ready!
Luckily it all worked out perfect!! I loved every ones costume!!!
Abigail transformed into "diva" Cat woman!
 Aaliyah transformed into an adorable Cowgirl!
 Madison turned into a very cute little Minnie Mouse!
 And Maggie was the perfect little Cinderella!
 Ready and waiting!

This year I also learned something.
The hour from 6:00-7:00 is the LONGEST HOUR EVER!
I wasn't expecting girls to be ready so easily and quickly, and so we had lots of time left before it was time to go! Like a WHOLE HOUR!
I got the opportunity to take a few more pictures. But seriously everyone was SO moody.
They just wanted to go already. But I didn't want to be the 1st ones out there you know?

 Getting into the candy already!!
 Maggie took this of me. Yes my hair was orange/red. I sprayed it trying to be festive ;)
 Me and the little monsters, 'patiently' waiting.
 Cuddling with Nana, wasting the time away.
About 6:55 a kid came down our street, since we were no longer the 1st ones out, we left!!
Time to Trick or Treat!!!

It was a very long and cold night, but SO much fun!!!
After trick or treating we went back to my moms and she had a fire outside going.
We all sat around the fire and girls had hot chocolate, along with a s'more, a few roasted marshmallows, a delicious smore dessert my aunt brought, and probably several pieces of candy.
I didn't take a single picture.
But it was a lot of fun!!
We then headed home. Girls washed the glitter out of their hair and headed to bed!
They all were in bed 1/2 sleep by 10. Yeah I know that is still late, but pretty good for Halloween night ;)
Of course Maggie woke up at 2:30 am, Madison woke up at 4:00 am. And they proceeded to stay up all night. Needless to say, Thursday was not a fun day for me. lol
Hope you all had a great Halloween too!!


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