Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Princess Aaliyah

Since I have been away from blogging for so long, I thought it would be a good idea to catch up on all the family. Abby being the oldest was first. Check out previous post.
Up next is Aaliyah. The middle child.

I moved back home with my mom and sister when I was about 5 months pregnant. Smartest choice I ever made! Aaliyah has always been around my mom and my sister, so much that my sister is like her 2nd mom! She babysits them often and Aaliyah will be the first one to ask to go over there. Even if I am just going to the store she will ask to go sit with Bebe. (my sister) Who btw lives in the front of my neighborhood! 2nd smartest choice I've made! Being almost 4 when we moved, Aaliyah is very attached to her Nana and Bebe!!

Poor Aaliyah sometimes gets the short end of the stick. She is the little sister to Abigail, but the big sister to Maggie and Madison. However with Abby being a big sister also she kind of steals that glory. lol. I try to always make it fair, as much as I can. ;)

Aaliyah Raye (named after my favorite singer as a teen and my dad) is in 2nd grade this year. She turned 7 back in June making her just about 7 1/2 right now. 2nd grade has been her favorite so far! Making great grades! Mostly A's and a couple B's! During conferences I found out that Aaliyah is one of maybe 2-3 kids in her class who listens and follows directions. Apparently she was 'blessed' with a crazy class who can't sit still or stop talking. lol. Her teacher went on about how much of a big helper she is, and said she was her saving grace on most days. Aaliyah is the go to girl in her class! I LOVE that she is getting so much attention and is showing her awesomeness at school!! She will probably never forget this teacher!

Aaliyah is a princess. She can be just as sweet as she wants to be, at times. And then just as feisty as ever in the next minute. lol. She is my loud child. Aaliyah has been in speech since she was 2. However they just dropped her down to 30 min a month at school bc she no longer really needs it. When she first started she hardly spoke 1 word, she just screamed. Literally. Screamed. Now I am SO proud of how clearly she speaks!! She has never had an issue with school work and is WAY past her reading level for her grade period. So I will take the being 'loud' any day instead of a speech issue!

Aaliyah is a girly girl to the tee. She likes to be tom boyish like Abigail, but it is just so much more natural to be girly girly! She loves pink and purple, frills, puffy dresses, heals, purses, the whole nine. She is also a hug Justin Beiber fan! (Actually one of her HUGE Christmas presents this is to go see him with me in January!!! SHHHHH! Can't wait to see her face!!) We literally listen to Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, and One Direction 24/7. Thank goodness Abby likes most of that too!
Aaliyah also LOVES to sing. Like will belt out a note anytime type singing, whether or not it is the right note ;)

She had a hard time finding her 'thing'. While Abigail knew she was a cheerleader, Aaliyah had no idea what she wanted to do. We offered cheering, but she said she was too shy to get in front of everyone (yeah right!!) She played soccer last year, but didn't really like it. She ran around the whole game confused. This year she started gymnastics. And loves it! While Abby does the tumbling portion, Aaliyah is doing the real thing. Balance beams, bars, floor, the whole sha-bam!
She is pretty good at it too, already moved up 2 levels! I think we are going to stick with gymnastics for her. I try to talk her into trying softball, or basketball or something, but she has no interest!

Aaliyah is too growing super fast! Totally skipped a size 8/10 and jumped right into 10/12's. She is filling out everywhere. Feet too! Sometimes I look at her and think, what the heck happened! You were like 4 yesterday! lol.
She is a great big sister, and an annoying awesome little sister (whether or not big sis would agree).
She tends to be super lazy. Like will kick stuff under to bed before dreaming of placing in a laundry hamper (typical kid?) She is slow. As in takes a 30 min shower bc she stands there doing nothing the first 15 minutes. lol. Actually I do that too. On purpose. No one messes with you in the shower ;) However at 6:30 when getting ready for school, 30 min showers aren't cool! lol
She hates taking pictures. Actually sometimes she doesn't mind, but more than usual she will take off running or hiding when I pull out the camera. Then get mad when I make her smile. Like seriously all those beautiful pictures I have, are mostly fake smiles! lol She was threatened! haha j/k

Even though she is caught in the middle she is not to me, she is another portion of my world! Aaliyah Raye-  my little princess!!

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