Monday, November 19, 2012

Abigail- catching up on the Diva!

The Diva is her nick name, and there is reason!

Abigail turned 9 back in March, so she will be 10 in 4 months!!
She is 4th grade this year, and loving it!
I can not even begin to believe how she has grown up! Like the girl is in a size 7 woman's shoe! And she is as tall as my chin!!!
As well as the physical growth, the mental growth happened too!
I am waiting for her to 'start' she has been to several doctors about her hormone levels and issues. They originally told me she would be an early bloomer, and would most likely start about 10.
AH! I am not sure I am ready for that, so I have no problem waiting it out!
However, she has developed enough chest to require a bra daily, has to wear deodorant, and have to shave under her arms. Yeah. I know. By next summer we 'might' have to start the legs, I am just NOT comfortable with that!!
Anyways- point being, my little girl is ALL grown up! This time 10 years ago she was in my belly!

When naming Abigail, I didn't really care for the name Abigail at first, I though it sounded to cute and babyish. So I paired it with Monique. Abigail Monique. I loved it. Thought it gave her the perfect balance and the Monique added some spunk to the Abigail. Well she is such an Abby. Name fits her to a tee!! And the Monique has come back to haunt me. lol. She lives up to the spunk well!

Abby is an awesome kid. A big helper to me on a daily basis. She is also a very responsible, CLEAN, smart kid. Currently an honor roll student. (I say currently bc she is normally A's and B's). She hates having to share a room with Aaliyah bc, well, Aaliyah is NOT clean. Abby can't stand her stuff un-organized! She is very much looking forward to a room where she can decorate and organize to suit herself and not someone else. I can't blame her.

Abigail is NOT a pink girl. She hates pink. I can sometimes get her to wear something she already has that has pink on it, however when shopping for new stuff if there speck of pink on it she will say NO! lol. She loves blue, green, yellow, orange, even purple is ok. Just no pink.

She has also joined Chorus this year!! She loves music and loves to sing! I am telling you this is MY kid!! I too went through a 'no pink' phase and was in chorus, when it was mandated.
She used to be a Justin Beiber fan, but that went out the window fast. She said she didn't like his music anymore. Plus her little sister became obsessed. Kind of a turn off I guess. She loves all kinds of music! Mostly good stuff I can relate to! Kind of exciting being a young mom in that category. As I remember HATING all the music my mom listened too, until I got older and appreciated it!

In the past Abigail had cheered 2 years. This year we took a year off and started gymnastics/tumbling. She is in love. Wednesday can not get here fast enough every week. She looks forward to going SO much! She has learned so much too! They are currently working on back hand spring round offs, or something or another ;) She practices like EVERY day. Ever since the American girls won the Olympics she has been flipping and flopping all over the house!

Abigail's only problem is she wants to grow up TOO fast. I can relate to this, as I did the same. I try to not let her, and make her hold off on doing stuff. It is hard when 1/2 the kids in her class have their own phone and I say she has to be 12! But that I am holding my ground on! She wants to have artificial nails, we buy stick ons! She paints her own nails, wants to do her own hair, picks out her own clothes, basically gets by just fine without my opinion. Lucky for her, she still hears my opinions, and had to obey my rules!

I am very proud of the young lady she is quickly becoming. I wish I could pause the time sometimes. I am NOT ready for a kid in the double digit age group!! But it will be here before I know it!!

 Abby wearing my friends shoes, fit perfect ;)
 Practicing hard!

 There is a little of that "diva"
 She signed the pledge!

 Field trip!

 Cat woman!

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