Monday, November 26, 2012

Maggie and Madison!

My Maggie and Madison turned 3 this past October. October 6th to be exact. I thought somehow them turning 3 would change the trying 2's. Yeah that didn't happen. Trying 2's turned into Trying 3's x2!! lol. These little girls can keep you on your feet! They are loud, crazy, loud, silly, fun, adorable, different, and loud.

Both have very different personalities. And actually the older they get the more they do not look alike either! Everyone swears they do, but I don't think they look alike at all. Like sisters, but nothing like twins. I love it though. I like that they are they own person!

The both of them have Michael's initials. MCW. It is tradition for the first born to be a Jr. in their family. Well seeing that he got 2 girls in stead of a boy, they got his initials instead of name ;)

Maggie Christine White is named Maggie after Michael's Grandmother and my mother, both Margaret's. Christine is his mothers name.
Madison Courtney-Renee White is named Madison bc we both loved that name and it started with a M! Courtney is Michael's dad's name, and Renee is Michael's cousin (more like sisters) middle name.
It's funny because they both kind of act like the people they are named after!

I will start with Maggie Christine. She is the 'oldest'. Maggie is a sweetheart. She is my cuddler, my cryer, my 'get her feelings hurt easy' one. She is a go with the flow kind of girl. Her sister is kind of the opposite so that works out! I usually have to ask her what she wants first bc if not she will just agree with anything Madison says. lol. However when she does want something, she wants it. And there is NO turning back. Maggie can be VERY loud. Like high pitch cover your ears kind of loud! But she also quiets the easiest. 2 minutes of crying, and she just needs a hug and she is over it!
Maggie is also the tallest of the 2. Almost a whole inch bigger, and 1/2 lb heavier. She has blue eyes, and spiral rig let curls! She has a HUGE smile and loves to take pictures for mommy!
She can be the hyper one. Once she is on a roll its smiles, laughs, screams, and running!
She is also more of the girly girl. She will choose 'church' shoes over tennis shoes any day!
She runs fast, and can throw the heck out of a ball. I am hoping for a softball player ;)
She also is a little gymnast. She runs across the floor, does a flip over on her head then an immediate back bend. It will scare the crap out of you! lol but she loves it! While Daddy wants to do boxing for them, and I thinking they will probably join Abby and Aaliyah in gymnastics soon!

Madison Courtney-Renee. My hand full. She too is a sweetheart and loves her mommy! Loves to cuddle with me. Actually I wake up 2-3 times a week with her laying on top on me sound asleep. lol. She is also the crazy child. BY FAR the most difficult child out of all 4 of them. I am thinking bc she is the baby? She has a very strong personality like her daddy. She knows what she wants, when she wants it, how to get it, and don't you dare get in her way! She will fall out in a temper tantrum in .05 seconds if you tell her NO! She gets in trouble more than anyone in the house. However she is also the most intellectual. Girl holds a conversation like a 10 year old. She talks in paragraphs, asks the right questions. When something doesn't make sense to her she simply says "that's stupid". Seriously trying to break that habit! She is a smarty. Smarty pants sometimes too ;)
While Madison is the shortest, she makes up for it in hair! She has the longest hair of anyone in the house! When I wash it goes past her booty, but once I gel it and it curls up it sit in middle of her back. She has big beautiful brown eyes, bushy eye brows and lovely long eyelashes. Her features are more darker than Maggie's but she carries them well, I love it! She is like a little Indian. She also asks for 2 braids like a little Indian everyday too!!
She will make Daddy proud as a boxer I am sure. She has the perfect personality for it. She wants to wear tennis shoes, everyday, even to church. She likes to pick her own clothes everyday. Normally it matches but she is always casual. While she can be very girly girl, I think she is more tomboy!

The two of them keep me on tippy toes all day long. There is no leaving them alone for a minute, they are everywhere! No more gates, they climb over them! They have been potty trained for a few months now and are awesome at it! We are still working on night time though. That has not been successful.
They love to play outside, love to go to Sam's grocery shopping. They are like celebrities there! Everyone remembers them from when they were babies!
Speaking of babies, they love babies!! Baby dolls and the real deal! They love love love to take care of their toys babies at home, and LOVE to see s real baby when we are out anywhere.
It makes me very sad they are growing up so fast! They are my last babies, and I am not ready to part with the baby days! Even though they are already far behind us! No more diapers, they brush their own teeth, potty themselves, even want to bathe themselves and wash their own hair!! They are slowly becoming independent, and while I am one proud momma, I am not ready for all that yet!

Patience is the word of the day, each and every day.

 Daddy knows how to have fun, and give mommy and heart attack!

 Little bit of those mood swings ;)
 What happens when you leave them alone for a couple minutes, in the same room as your purse!

 On their 3rd Birthday!

 Minnie Mouse and Cinderella!

 I think I have more photo fails than successes!

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