Monday, March 12, 2012

10 things a mother wants her daughter to know.

10 things a Mother wants her daughter to know.

1.     You don’t have to be mean or aggressive to be strong. You can be nice and still stand up for yourself without being nasty or sarcastic.

2.    Know how to change a tire, use car battery jumper cables and own a tool kit. No need to be helpless, honey.

3.    Choose a career that gives you joy. No matter how much money or power, or how many perks a job may offer, if you don’t enjoy the work and the people with whom you associate, you’ll be unsatisfied and unhappy.

4.    Don’t adapt your personality, goals or values to meet the wants and expectations of your friends or boyfriends. You won’t like yourself, and they won’t like you either. Relationships, whether mutual or romantic should be started on truth. Be true to you.

5.    Realize that not all friendships are the same. Have a good time with superficial friends. Go to dinner, shopping, and the movies. Savor those true, soul-baring friends who see you as you are. P.S. If you think “Oh well, he’s ok”… He is NOT the one.

6.    Listen to your teachers. You don’t always have to agree with them or like them. Just pay attention, extract the knowledge and wisdom they have to share, and go to your next class!

7.    Say “Please”, “Thank You”, and “I’m Sorry”. You probably remember that lesson from preschool, but it bears repeating in adulthood. Grandmas will always need a thank you note for the birthday and Christmas gifts.

8.    Don’t be jealous of others success. Achievements of friends and family do not diminish you for your accomplishments.

9.    Nurture relationships with your siblings. Interests vary and lifestyles may seem oppositional, but, like it or not, you’ll always be connected to your brothers/sisters. Learn to appreciate your differences and, frankly, just learn to get along. You may have some tough, mutual decisions to make in coming years…. Like which expensive, fancy retirement home you’ll be sending mom and dad.

10.Mom really likes it when you borrow her blouse, shoes, jewelry, blush brush, pens, and cake pans. Yeah, yeah, mom might complain of your ways, but there is a tiny spot inside her heart that you touch every time you embrace mom’s style in any way.

11.  Mommy loves you.

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