Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wow, we are changing!!

So lately I have noticed something.

#1 I take alot of pictures.
#2 of everyone individually
#3 I rarely get full family shots
#4 when I do, they are almost ALWAYS the same pose.
#5 Michael gets more attractive the older he gets
#6 I dont.

Something I need to work on. However I was browsing my family pictures. (The little that I have of ALL of us) I looked at them from the beginning till now. WOW. My family has changed SO much! We are growing (some of us(ME) not in so great of ways), and it is shocking to me how much time flies! I remember the day each one of these were taken, and how I felt that day. I remember nothing but happiness! That makes me smile!!
So here is a little look into how my family has changed over the past 6 years!

 When it was just us two! Aaliyah is 1 yr, Abigail 3 yrs old.
 Still just us two! But not for long! Aaliyah 2 yrs, Abigail 4 yrs old!
(almost same pose as above)
 When Michael blessed our lives we became party of 4!
Aaliyah is 3, Abigail 5! (Notice how Aaliyah is ALWAYS on the left!)
 And then our lives were blessed further, Aaliyah is 4, Abigail is 6, M&M are in belly 1/2 ripe!)
 I always loved this one! We are about to be Party of 6!
 Abigail is almost 7, Daddy has hair, Mommy is skinny, Aaliyah is still 4, Maggie and Madison 4 months.
(I know I have one when M&M was born but not on this computer, poo)
 When Maggie and Madison turned 1!
Aaliyah is 5, Abigail is 7 1/2!
 Aaliyah is 5 1/2, Abigail is 8, Maggie and Madison almost 18 months.
 Maggie and Madison are 23 months, Abigail 8 1/2, Aaliyah is 6!
Mommy has a tan!!
 And tan is gone...
Maggie and Madison are 2! Abigail is 8 3/4, Aaliyah is 6 1/2.
(taken yesterday at Abigail's birthday party!)
Abigail turns 9 tomorrow!! Aaliyah is 6 3/4, Maggie and Madison are almost 2 1/2!

Continuing from list above,
#7 I need a tan back
#8 I need to drop a good 20 lb
#9 My girls have beautiful curly hair and LOTS of it!

#10 I LOVE my family so much, and I am so proud to call them all MINE!  

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