Sunday, March 18, 2012

What girl doesn't like to dress up?

I love dress up! No matter how old you are, there is just something so fun about lots of makeup, a hat, fancy jewels, and high heels! Well my girls LOVE to dress up too!
When bored you can bet at least one will be trying to pair together an outfit, fix their hair different, sneak on some makeup, and steal mommas heels!!
Plus any extra excuse to take a picture I am ALL for!!
So here is a little dress up fun we have had recently!
 (Birthday trip to Charming Charlie turned into a public dress up session!) #awesome

 Yes. They fit. But NO she is never allowed to wear them, EVER. She just has big feet like her mom!
 Isn't orange such a great color on her?? I LOVE the pic below!

 Aaliyah wants to take ballet this year, you will occasionally find her sitting around in this outfit!
 That's my girl, Tangled princess dress, pink baseball cap, and silver heels. LOL

 Maggie and Madison recently discovered heels. They got a box of dress up clothes, jewels, and shoes for Christmas, but until recently they never paid attention to the heels. Now its the 1st thing on!

Having 4 girls is TOO much fun!

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