Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hand, Foot & Mouth- and sometimes leg

So recently my little Maggie broke out into a rash. The first piece came up on the back side of her bottom cheek. I thought it was a weird place for any kind of diaper/pull up rash, but assumed it was nothing serious. I put the typical Butt Paste on it. Well that was last Sunday. By that following Tuesday Maggie's left leg had some bumps come up on it. I had recently done some yard work, and she had been outside playing, in this beautiful weather we are having, more than usual. I thought maybe something bit her, or she had an allergy to grass or pollen. I put some cream on it and hoped it cleared up.
The next day was Wednesday. I got home from work about 4:30, and they were just getting up from nap. I couldn't believe her leg when I saw it!! it was covered in red bumps!! All over her left leg. Actually it was almost nauseating to look at! After a 2nd look from my mother (the one who knows everything) I assumed it was probably poison ivy.
These pictures were taken that Wednesday. She had some calamine lotion on, but you can definitely still see the bumps!

We were outside playing and I realized she had been sitting in my lap the whole time. And wasn't playing at all. She was totally being a big snuggle baby. Which I LOVE, but that also means she didn't feel good :( I knew she hasn't been eating too great the last day or two, so I assumed maybe she was doing a little teething too.
The pediatrician was closed by then, so I took her up to the Walgreen's care clinic just to see if they thought it was poison ivy. I wanted to properly be treating the rash so it would clear up!!
Turns out Walgreen's doesn't take our insurance, and I was not about to pay $25 when I was going to take her to doctor anyway. But I did ask pharmacist and nurse there to just glance at it. They both agreed it looked like poison ivy, but that she should probably be seen by doctor in case she required a steroid to clear it up. :( ugh! I was really hoping it wasn't poison ivy. Because I was really hoping everyone else in the house, including me, was not going to get it too!!

That night I bathed her separate just in case, then I calamined her leg really well and put long pants on her to cover it up. This was my poor baby before bedtime. Leg looks pitiful, but check that smile!!

That night was by far the worst night, since they were infants! Maggie didn't close an eye till almost 1am. Then was up every hour, on the dot. She screamed and cried. She didn't want to snuggle or anything just screamed. I was almost crying with her!! She woke Madison up twice, so I took her to the living room with me, and put the gate up. Just in case I accidentally dosed off I didn't want her able to get into anything. Ha ha. Me dose off?? I wish. Even when she would calm down and lay on my chest and fall asleep, it was only for a few minutes and she was back up moving around fussing again.

This was not much new that week. Actually every night that week was hassle at bedtime. That Wednesday night was by far the worst. But that previous Monday night was the first time she actually spent the whole night in my bed with me!! (one downfall to twins sharing rooms, one wakes up and wakes up the other one!!)

I didn't think all the different symptoms would add up to the rash. But they did.

That Thursday morning, after little to NO sleep. I had to call out of work, call the pediatrician and get baby girl an appointment.

Leaving for doc appt was NOT fun. Madison couldn't understand why I was only getting Maggie ready and her shoes on. I had decided to take Maggie alone. Madison tends to like to run around and open cabinets, and I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate and listen to doctor with her there. We woke Michael up early to hang out with Madison while we were gone. I honestly didn't think it was going to be an issue. Until it was time to leave.
Madison screamed for her shoes, "Mommy mommy get my shoes, I go too, I go to doctor I go to doctor!!!" All with red face screaming and crying! It was heart breaking! And honestly if I had had time to get her ready real quick I would have caved in and took her. But Doc appt was in 20 min, and its a 15 min drive! We pulled out of driveway watching Madison cry through the window :(

When we got to doc they weighed her. 28 lbs!! Which is pretty good b/c a month or so earlier she was only 27. Glad to know she is still growing good ;) Slowly, but surely!
They took her temp. 99.6. That moment I realized I never took her temperature the night before. I BET she had a fever! Ouch! I hate after the fact 'oh yeah's.
So Doctor came in. (BTW have I mentioned I LOVE our pediatricians!! We go to P.A.L. Pediatric Associates of Lawrenceville- BEST EVER)
When she first started looking at Maggie she was paying close attention to her hands and feet and I was thinking the whole time, "Hello lady do you see the huge bumps down her leg?!?!"
No. You can't. Well idk actually you  might be able to. But she didn't.
 Because she didn't have poison ivy.

She asked me if it was ok to bring in Dr. Messick for a 2nd look. Of course we didn't mind, he is our normal doctor and our favorite!!
He looked and right away said, "Yep, it's that same thing again, that's definitely Hand, Foot and Mouth"
Me- dumbfounded again- "What?? What is that??" "The rash is on her leg"?
Apparently she was 1 out of 3 cases that week. All similar symptoms too. Turns out Hand, Foot, and Mouth is a virus. (I hate the word virus) Virus is the Coxsackie A-16 virus. (pronounced cock-sack-e, HELLO got my laugh in for the day!)
What causes it? Who knows its a Virus.
I especially hate when something is called a virus. Because before the doctor even said anything I knew they didn't know much information about it, and there is no cure. It has to just run it's course.

They assured me it doesn't last more than 10 days. BUT it is VERY contagious to anyone under age of 4! Doctors were shocked that Madison hadn't gotten it!! And *fingers crossed* we are over the contagious stage so she won't be getting it either!!!
After several days of a calamined lotioned leg, and benedryl night times, she is almost all better!
Today is the 8th day and it is finally almost gone. Still a few bumps that are little scabs though.

Can you tell she is feeling better??? She thought it was hilarious I was taking pictures of her leg!

This was a really scary thing for me. I hate not knowing about something and not being able to fix it!
I hate that she didn't want to eat anything for 2 days because she had ulcers in her mouth I didn't even know were there. Meanwhile I'm trying to to make her eat anything!!!
I'm glad though that I know now. And hopefully I will never come in contact with this virus again!!

Hand, Foot, and Mouth (and sometimes Leg and Bottom) is NO fun!!!

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