Monday, March 5, 2012

Valentine's Day!

So this year was pretty low key. I always make a big deal out of simple holiday. Gives the girls something to look forward to! Every year I make a huge batch of chocolate covered strawberries. The girls LOVE to help out and bed me to make them for the class/ teachers. Apparently they get 'cool' points with them ;) Anything I can do to help, right?

Michael and I celebrated the weekend before with dinner and a movie! Haven't been to a movie in years! We SO didn't plan ahead, actually if I knew we were going to a movie I WOULD HAVE, but I didn't know until we were already out and heading to dinner. So we kind of had to watch whatever had movie times left. We ended up seeing Contraband. Which probably would not have been my 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd pick. Definitely a guy action flick. However it ended up being a really great movie!! Kind of like another Gone in 60 Seconds, but with drugs and money : / def guy movie, but I enjoyed it, and the ending was kind of chick flicky!

Valentine's morning I always have the girls special gifts on the table for them! Abigail and Aaliyah opened theirs before school and Maggie and Madison opened theirs before breakfast!
I rarely buy lots of candy and junk they don't need. This year A&A got a silver necklace ($5 walmart version, hello they are 9 and 6!) Angry bird shirts, colored bracelets to match their shirts, and a couple things of candy! They were happy!! I asked them if they wanted to wear the necklaces to school. Abby was in the middle of already putting hers on. Aaliyah so sweetly responds, " Mom I don't think I should be wearing a diamond necklace to school" LOL I immediately informed her they were special diamonds for 6 year olds, and it was ok. All while Abigail rolls her eyes in the background! haha. They are a trip
 Dressed in pink (had to pull Abby's arm a little on that one, as she isn't a pink girl *takes after me) They were adorable and ready for the Valentine's party at school!!

Maggie and Madison were overly impressed with their gifts! It was actually kind of funny.
They got new Dora sippy cups, mickey and minnie mouse fork/spoon set, dress up bracelets and ring pops. Actually Walmart saved my life. My kids LOVE lollipops and ring pops! A few weeks ago I found SUGAR FREE ring pops!!! I bought every bag they had!
So those were their Valentine's treats! along with 1 thing of M&M's classically their favorites ;)

At breakfast they were excited to try out the new gear!! And ate very unhealthy. oops! Blueberry waffles (sugar free syrup!!) and lemon pound cake. lol. I let them pick it, can you tell?

Hope you all had a very Happy Valentine's day too!! It's such a silly holiday. We should show others we love the every day not just one!! But it is a good excuse to have extra fun with the kids!!

While looking through pictures I came across their pictures from last year,

Can you believe Maggie and Madison could still fit their outfits from last year??? They are taller but still thin! I guess its a good thing they inherited their fathers metabolism and not their mothers!
Abigail and Aaliyah look so much older this year!! I can't believe time goes by SO fast!!

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